Saturday, March 31, 2007


OTR Gains More Momentum

Wow... How much good press can one little troubled neighborhood get in one week? Kudos to Brian Tiffany (OTR Chamber) who has been working mostly behind the scenes to help some of these deals.

Kudos also to the Gateway Quarter folks, the arts and cultural instutions and Roula David and Michael Spalding (Owners of Vinyl).

The above mentioned duo, are working with the business partner of Neon's to keep the bar open through Apr. 21st, and then do a renovation to turn it into Jardin Wine and Tapas Bar. What a fantastic idea. A Tapas bar in that area is perfect, and will fit in well with the Latin club that is going into the former Club Clau space.

The duo are also still moving ahead with their plans for a Sushi bar at the former Jump location. This area is going to be really fantastic by the middle of the summer! See other news on OTR with the new club in the former Alchemize space!

Friday, March 30, 2007


OTR Grapevine - Permission Granted

I guess I can officially talk about some of what I mentioned in my earlier post about the OTR Grapevine.

Joe Wessels has officially reported some of the things I've heard through the grapevine, and the most exciting if Jean Ro is moving into OTR with a cafe similar to his Covington Greenup Cafe. It's really amazing news for the Gateway Quarter, and an afirmation of what is coming in that area.

Joe also officially confirms "Below Zero, a martini and piano bar, open in the location of the former Alchemize Bar on Walnut Street will open early this summer. Its owner is former Hamburger Mary's/Universal Grille co-owner Nigel Cotterill."

It also comments on the move of Urban Homeware store MetroNation to the Quarter, along with Park + Vine "a new "green" general store in the next block south".

What great momentum for the area. Take a tour, buy a condo!

UPDATE: Enquirer chimes in today as well.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Final Friday and Second Sunday on Main

It's spring, so it's time to head back out to Final Friday on Main Street/Pendleton. If you've never gone, now should be the time to start. It's an amazing event on North Main St, and in the pendelton arts center in OTR.

And if you need added incentive, then come on out to Mr. Pitiful's on Main St. a little early. There is a happy hour being thrown by the Second Sunday on Main organizers. They will be unveiling their schedule for 2007, and if you REALLY need incentive, the first 30 people through the door will get a free drink!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


CityBeat Done Good

Okay, enough of the Larry Gross bashing... CityBeat's 2007 Best of Cincinnati is a great issue. Go pick up a print copy for 88 pages of 'Wow, Cincinnati really is pretty awesome' goodness.

Or, go to the online view and check it out:

They have a theme of music for this year's issue, so each of the 6 categories has at least a little bit of music love. This statement couldn't be more true: "First of all, the quality and quantity of exciting original music being created in this area is at an all-time high". Now, it's just time for our fair city to embrace that and start going out and supporting it even more.

I'm to blame probably some as well, as I don't get out to local shows as much as I used to, and will make that a goal this summer!


CityBeat - Larry Gross

Seriously... I've seen Cincinnati Blog comment time and time again on Larry Gross from City Beat, and I never really cared much.... but this weeks article really bugged me. How do you open CityBeat's 'Best of Cincinniati' edition with the drivle from Mr. Gross? The 'Best of' Edition is far and away CityBeat's most upbeat week of the year. So why ruin that with this article.

Apparently Mr. Gross (maybe it's his name that's the problem) can't make a friend if his life depended on it. I've never met the man, so maybe I'm wrong and he's actually very pleasant to be around. But he claims that he talked to 80 people on Main St (near the courthouse) and 40 people on Fountain Square and couldn't get more than 2 of them to answer a question about what they like about Cincinnati. I am calling complete BS on this, and might even do my own experiment to prove it.

How hard did he try? Did he present himself in a positive manner, or did he approach people as if he was giong to ask them for a buck? I can't believe that if he held a notebook in his hand, or a voice recorder, and went up to people and said, "Hey, I'm a reporter from CityBeat, and I need 2 minutes from you to tell me what you like best about Cincinnati." that he would have gotten only 2 responses. It's just not true. People in this city are friendly, and I've had dozens of people from out of town tell me that.

Give it up Mr. Gross, the gal you met on the street that day was correct, Smoking is bad for you, and if it really is miserable here, no one is keeping you hostage. America is a very mobile-friendly country, so moving to a new city is only a U-Haul away!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Not a Moerlein but Barrelhouse Will Do

Christian Moerlein is definitely my favorite local brand, but when I can't get it, I'll settle for a Barrelhouse.

The former brewpub, turned brewery in the west end is coming back to Great American Ballpark with Redlegg Ale.

In addition they are bringing back an opening day tradition with a fan appreciation day. I'll be down at the stadium tailgating, but if I wasn't I'd be at Barrelhouse enjoying $1 Brats and $1 beers.

In a nod to an old tradition with Hudepohl, the brewery will open it's doors for a fundraiser, and to celebrate the coming of spring and baseball season. More info about the event at their website.


Freedom Project

Cincinnati is the 6th most segregated city in America according to Census numbers from 2002. It's not a ranking to be proud of, and with segregation comes ignorance and intolerance. It's much easier to make generalizations about 'them', than it is when 'them' becomes 'us'. Or better yet, 'them' becomes individuals and friends with names.

The enemy of bigotry is knowledge, I'm sure someone famous said that, but I can't find it on google, so I'll just take credit for it :)

Well, Give Back Cincinnati and the Freedom YPs (YP group of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center) are taking the issue head on. Together we've created the Freedom Project. A group of 60 people from purposely diverse backgrounds will spend the year working together on 4 GIve Back Cincinnati volunteer projects. The Wednesday Following each of the 4 projects, will be a facilitated discussion around diversity, inclusion, and racial equity.

The goal of the project is to bring people together for direct and sometimes uncomfortable discussions. Build relationships through community service. And end the year with lasting and sustainable cross-race relationships. Once you build knowledge, the bigotry ends, and hopefully the result will be the beginning of a trend in Cincinnati where people of all races are interacting on a regular basis. It's a lofty goal and a first step in making a true impact in our community.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Good News for Ovation

Ovation (the 600 Billion+ development) on the Newport Riverfront (where housing projects sat before being torn down this winter) got a big boost when Gov. Fletcher signed a TIF (tax increment financing) deal into law.

It is great news for the project, and it allows some of the taxes generated from the development to be used to pay off infrastructure for the project (streets, parking garages, etc).

However, a comment from Rep. Dennis Keene is enough to ensure that if I were ever in a position to vote for/against him it would be a resounding 'no'.

Here is his comment:

"It shows that Northern Kentuckians are committed and get things done, while our friends on the other side of the river (Cincinnati) struggle because they can't cooperate."

Why is this ignorant?

1) Cincinnati already has TIF laws in place. Part of the argument for TIF was that both other KY cities (Louisville for one), and CINCINNATI had these laws and it made it hard to compete.

2) What the hell does Cincinnati have to do with this project. Taking jabs like this is the 'little brother' syndrome of having to attack someone else to make yourself feel better. Why not just celebrate the success you have

3) In the time that Newport has built a shopping mall (with no stores) and a movie theater (aka Newport on the Levee), Cincinnati has built a professional football stadium, professional baseball stadium, a major museum (NURFC), a reconstructed highway (fort washington way), and the Contemporary Arts Center. Get off your high horse!

4) Cincinnati/NKY wins only as a region. We will not be able to compete with other urban areas unless we are moving forward in the same direction.

Thanks for letting me blow off some steam. Dennis Keene is an idiot (for the record). Also for the record, I live in Newport.


Downtown Bike Trail to Lunken

The Education, Health and Recreation (perhaps along with the economic development committee) of the Cincinnati City Council will meet to hear an update on the proposed downtown to lunken bike trail.

This is very important for downtown and will connect the proposed Riverfront park to hundreds of miles of continous bike trails that are proposed from Cincinnati to Cleveland. Here is the email about the meeting. If you care about biking, be sure to attend!

"The next meeting of City Council's Education, Health and Recreation Committee on the Lunken to Downtown bike trail will be held in Council Chambers at City Hall on Monday, April 16, at 3:00 p.m. This meeting, which may turn into a joint meeting with Council's Economic Development Committee, will be very important to completing the trail. As charged by the attached resolutions passed by City Council this past November, the City-led task force that has been studying the trail for the past year will present at the April 16 meeting its report on the trail alternatives, a recommended alignment, cost and time estimates for completing the trail, and a progress report on its negotiations with SORTA.

Your presence at the April 16 meeting will help demonstrate to Council how important you view this project. Please plan to attend it and ask others to join you."


Bengals and Ravens Open Season on MNF

The Bengals and Ravens will play in Cincinnati on Mon. Sept. 10th. It's a great start to the season, and should be a very fun game. Bengals better not screw around in camp as this is a very important game right off the bat!

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