Friday, July 07, 2006


Paddlefest - Cincinnati's 'Cool'

We need so much more of this. If we had 100 Brewster Rhoads' (creator and organizer of Paddlefest) in the region, perhaps we wouldn't be so afraid to actually LIKE the city we live in.

It's my pet peave about Cincinnati. It seems that so many that live in our region have an inferiority complex. And that's something we need to change. This weekends paddlefest is one more step in that direction. It's a great event, combining local music event Friday night, with a Kayak and Canoe run on Saturday. It focuses on what is great about our region and not what's broken (or perceived to be broken)...

Here is Brewster at his best:

"This is a pep rally for our region. We have to start looking at what's great about our area and not trashing it all the time," said Brewster Rhoads, vice president of Ohio River Way. "We want to make the river cool again."


"(The river) has tremendous potential to be a driver to economic development and urban revitalization," Rhoads said. "We don't take enough advantage of it and don't make a big enough deal."

Go down and support PaddleFest Music Festival tonight, or the Paddle event tomorrow!

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