Friday, September 15, 2006


Washington Park Music Festival - WPMF

A dream come true... not sure how big this years event will be (we're shooting for 200)... but this is something I've wanted to do since going to SXSW and seeing all the great day shows. These shows are something of a traidition in Austin... lining up bands to play, and often times grilling out and providing cheap or free beer to get things started for all the great shows that night.

So along with the help of so many others, we are launching a great event in Washington Park. And while we are at it, we're going to raise some money for OTR Foundation and the Washington Park Community Partners.

You get in free if you have an MPMF wristband or badge, and if you don't it's just a $2 donation. Beers are just $2 as well, and we'll have some pizza or other grub for cheap. See you Saturday, Sept. 23rd at Washington Park (across from Music Hall, 12th and Elm) 11:30-5:30! Then head on out to MPMF!

And we've got some great bands lined up... some of the best of MPMF.

Click to listen to a sample:
Stapleton's - Cincinnati
Duwende - New York City
Campfire Crush - Cincinnati
Shane Bartell - Seattle
The Rockwells - Nashville


MidPoint Music Fest - and Cool Tech Toys

Next week... MidPoint Music Festival. I hope everyone is getting excited, this is going to be a great year! And if you haven't been to to check out some of the bands do it.... you should also check out the Tech Tools. There is some really cool stuff out there. YOu can download a 'click guide' for your Ipod that has the schedule and early next week will also contain a short clip for every band. SO while you are walking around Main St, trying to figure out if it's worth the walk up to Mr. Pitiful's you can listen to a clip of hte band about ready to start.... pretty damn cool.

They also have a 'Sounds Like' search engine... you like Ryan Adams? Go there and type that in and see what bands playing MidPoint sound like Ryan Adams, and then sample an MP3 of the band.

You can also sign up for SMS messages on your phone. You will get notified of schedule changes, and free 'stuff'. It's also how you can get invited to some very cool preview parties from WEBN and others... sign up!

Not enough? Check out the Podcasts that give you some background and depth on MPMF...

Who would've thought our indie music festival would be one of the most technologically advanced in the entire country? Pretty awesome!


The Week Ahead

Okay... so I'm getting back to the blog at a great time... what do we have coming up? Oktoberfest is this weekend... hooray beer! Should be an excellent time, and if it weren't for a golf outing this weekend, I'd be doing the chicken dance with Chad for sure!

The Bengals return home, and we get to see Carson in a game that counts at Paul Brown for the first time since Van Olhoffen. SHould be fun, and if it weren't already exciting the Browns are in town.... 'If it's Brown.... Flush it Down!'

Also on Sunday is the Downtown Tour of Living... the Bengals game, and my consumption of beer, will probably keep me away from the event, but it's a great event showcasing an amazing collection of properties new to our city...


I'm back!

Okay... so I'll at least make a reference to the fact that I just took the last 9 weeks off from the blog. No real reason for it, well except for a bunch of volunteer efforts. Give Back, Lily Pad, a Trip to New Orleans with Katrina Collaboration and more... oh yeah, that thing called a job... tried to work on that every now and then as well!

Anyway, I'm back, and I should be doing some regular blogging. I have a feeling this may be 'normal' for summers for me in the future as well. But there's a lot going on, so I'll get started.

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