Thursday, August 11, 2005


Louisville Metro Council Votes Tonight on Smoking Ban

The biggest city in Tobacco Country (Kentucky) votes tonight on a smoking ban. It will be interesting to see the results. There seems to be a push for an all out ban there, but a lesser ban (excluding bars/restaurants) is also possible, but it is almost certain that a ban of some kind will be voted in.

One thing I've noted on this story over the past week or so is the Mayor indicating that his support is not only about health, but also portraying Louisville as a progressive city. An interesting point for those that consider themselves progressive, but are anti-smoking ban.


Zone Change on the Banks

This story could be huge in the long term. The Planning Commission is making a subtle change in the zoning along the riverfront, which will require approval of overall design. I am hoping they are doing this to ensure that the original banks plan is followed, and not to be obstructionists.

I think it's great if they are able to use this power to veto a big box development, but if they end up delaying things because they want to see sandstone brick instead of red, this could be a real hassle. It just makes me nervous I guess.


Fountain Square Re-Design to Being Soon

Lots of details still need to be ironed out, including some design elements and details on tenants. But the Construction on the square will begin by the end of August.

And if you haven't been downtown lately, Government square has been completely wiped clean in a matter of days. So construction is going strong there as well. It will cause some disruptions downtown, but I think both projects will ultimately be great for downtown.

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