Saturday, March 04, 2006


Lily Pad Update

It's been a while since I've posted any information on Lily Pad... but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy. We've finalized some great partnerships. The Cincinnati Parks have now hopped on, and all the current wifi parks (International Friendship, Crohn, etc) will have the Lily Pad brand. In addition, we'll work in conjunction with them to accelerate their plans to make most parks wireless.

We also have exciting news with a partnership with Metro/SORTA and the Cincinnati Arts Association. The collaboration includes free wireless at the Museum Center and the Cincinnati Art Museum, and you'll now see two of the buses on the right cruising around town. And soon you'll see free wireless on some (and hopefully eventually all) of the Metro buses. The goal is to increase ridership (especially for business users) on metro.

We've also been getting some great coverage of the project both locally and nationally. We were featured in an article in Info Week. A weekly magazine for technology professionals. And the Saturday Enquirer had a feature about Wifi in which Lily Pad was discussed.

All in all, things are going really well for Lily Pad. And expect to see a lot happening in the Spring and Summer months!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Council Marriage Proposal

The wedding bells were ringing today at city hall. First you had Chris Bortz:
"We came to them with a marriage proposal, and they came back with a prenup,"
Councilman Chris Bortz said"

Which is of course funny, but also sadly true.... So after that comment Bortz and Ghiz (man, she must just really enjoy sticking it in the eye of her party) introduced the resolution from a week ago, mandating a joint city/county committee to oversee the banks, or the city would withhold their air rights and control of the TIF funds to make the development happen.

After the 6-3 vote, basically dropping a hammer on the negotiations between commissioner heimlich and mayor mallory, we had this quote to round things out from Mallory:
"The honeymoon is now officially over,"

Pretty funny as well... and again, sadly true. Now it's time to roll up the sleeves, head to marriage counseling and put in the hard work that makes marriage successful. It's extra important in this case because the city and county aren't only married, but they have a baby in all of this..... the Banks!

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