Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Let the Clean Air Begin

In about 15 minutes we begin the celebration of clean air in Ohio. Judge today ruled to allow the indoor smoking ban take affect as scheduled on Thursday. I couldn't be more excited, and I'll celebrate by going to a fine establishment in Ohio... just think, I live in KY and I'm going TO Ohio because of the smoking ban... I'm going to guess that I'll spend a lot more time at bars in Ohio, and a lot less time at bars in KY. Does that mean I'll only go to Ohio bars.... probably not, I'll still hit up Hofbra for sure, but more often then not I'll head across the Ohio...

Smoke 'em if you got'em, for 15 more minutes!



CiN Weekly - CiN Stage @ Taste

CiN Weekly kicks butt again. The addition of the CiN stage at Taste of Cincinnati is everything that Cincinnati should be all the time. Cincinnati has an incredible live music scene, if only people in Cincy new that...

A stage at a major event that is full of local original music is such a fantastic idea and it was a big hit last year. Kari Wethington at CiN Weekly put it together and they've got an awesome lineup waiting for your attendance! It's at a great new location at the P&G Gardens on 5th street between broadway and sycamore... see you there!

1-2 The Swarthy Band
3-4 Kristen Key
5-6 Ellery
7-8 Wussy
9-10 Kim Taylor

1-2 Ill Poetic
3-4 Paper Airplane
5-6 Fairmount Girls
7-8 Bad Veins
9-10 Ruby Vileos UPDATE: Ruby Vileos Out - Freakbass is now playing.

1-2 Buffalo Killers
3-4 Pearlene


Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Kentucky Derby on Fountain Square

Come on out on Saturday May 5th for a big Party on Fountain Square. The event is free and open to the public and is being put on by Give Back Cincinnati.

CiN Weekly features the event this week, and has all the detals. But it's got a little something for everyone. The Derby will be shown on Fountain Squares big LED, and we'll have a cornhole tournament from 5-7 PM. After the Derby there will be Live music from locals Ellison and the Newbees. Througout the entire event we'll be featuring Mint Juleps with Bourbon from Woodford Reserve (the official Bourbon of the Derby).

Perhaps even more exciting for me will be one of the first chances to publicly try Christian Moerlein's new beer... OTR Ale. I tried it last weekend at Findlay and I can tell you it's TASTY!

See you on Saturday. PS for those running on Sunday, we'll have plenty of cheap water at the event, so come on out, have some fun and hydrate!

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Bike Month - Get Off Yur Arse!

It's May, it's 70 and Sunny and it's time for everyone to get up and off their arse (including me!)

There is a lot of great stuff happening in May for Bike Month and there's a website to pull it all together.

Check out the website and get involved in Bike to Work Week (aka Commuter Challenge), and the Bike Rally.

Chili Century Ride - May 6
Underground Railway Tour - May 9
Ride for World Health - May 11 - 13
Ride of Silence - May 16
National Employee Health Day - May 16
Commuter Challenge - May 21 - 25
Bike Rally Finale - May 26


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