Wednesday, March 28, 2007


CityBeat Done Good

Okay, enough of the Larry Gross bashing... CityBeat's 2007 Best of Cincinnati is a great issue. Go pick up a print copy for 88 pages of 'Wow, Cincinnati really is pretty awesome' goodness.

Or, go to the online view and check it out:

They have a theme of music for this year's issue, so each of the 6 categories has at least a little bit of music love. This statement couldn't be more true: "First of all, the quality and quantity of exciting original music being created in this area is at an all-time high". Now, it's just time for our fair city to embrace that and start going out and supporting it even more.

I'm to blame probably some as well, as I don't get out to local shows as much as I used to, and will make that a goal this summer!

It'd be great (for me, and others I'm sure) if you blogged about which local bands you think seem worth a listen. You seem like you'd serve as a great filter for the good stuff.
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