Friday, September 16, 2005


Give Back Habitat Ecuador

I'm now updating my Ecuador blog as we get closer to the departure (Oct. 1st). Check out the adventures over there: Thanks to all that pitched in on my fundraiser, I was able to get almost $3,000 in personal and group fundraising, which should go a long way for the families in Catamayo, Ecuador!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


BoldFusion - Connect-Learn-Be Heard-Take Action!

Are you a Young Professional? Member of the 'Creative Class'? An 'under 40'? Whatever you want to call the crowd of professionals, artists, teachers, police officers, college students and others who happen to be 21-40... BoldFusion is your event! Sept. 30th from Noon-5PM

If you have ever said, "This bothers me about Cincinnati". Or "Why are they moving the fountain?" Or "I know just what would make the Cincinnati Region great" or any other strong opinion about our fine region, now is the chance to make your voice heard.

The event will have a collection of Young Professionals that are currently making a difference, and will also have a panel discussion with some of the 'movers and shakers' in the city that tend to make things happen. So if you feel like you're not being heard, show up and make your opinion known. And more importantly, find out how you can do more after the event to take action on your ideas.

Find out more about the event and register!


Katrina Collaboration: Regional Response. National Crisis.

Check out Katrina Collaboration. It's a unique response from about a dozen local organizations to the Hurricane Katrina disaster. The focus, especially in the short and mid-term, is to address problems locally. Holding fundraisers for Red Cross Cincinnati and United Way Cincinnati to address the needs of those that have relocated to our region. It will also look to do things like provide disaster relief training locally to prepare people in our region to be available as volunteers in the event of a tragedy locally.

In the long-term, Give Back Cincinnati is looking to organize a trip with Habitat for Humanity to the Gulf Coast region in the first half of 2006 under the Katrina Collaboration umbrella.

The kick-off event and fundraiser for Red Cross is on Friday at McFadden's downtown. Come check it out and see what you can do locally to help respond to those in need!


Jump Back - Not in OTR

The Queen City Restaurant Group (owners of Teller's, Bella, Donna's and others) are re-opening the Main Street favorite - Jump. However, it won't revisit it's old location at 12th and Main (where signs still say Jump even though it's been closed since after the riots in 2001). Instead they'll move to a location in Covington, across from Jack Quinn's.

Great building, and location. There are tons of restaurants there (including the yet to be opened Jean Ro bistro - Wild Flour). And this is just 2 blocks from the Ascent condo project set to open in late 2006 or 2007. The restaurant and bar may also have a permit to sell alcohol until 4 AM, something that doesn't exist anywhere in the region today.


Pepper v. Mallory

Should be an interesting race. I hope you all made it out to vote yesterday. The Enquirer and Post have tons of coverage, but here are a couple thoughts:

- Winburn - Sad the republicans can't put up a viable candidate. The charter amendment for strong mayor had a lot of republican support and the fact that in a race with 3 democrats and 1 republican, the republican couldn't gain enough support to finish in the top 2 is amazing. I know the City has a strong democrat lean, but there should be someone in the city that can get more than 20% of the vote.

- Reece - Not to be negitive, but I am glad to see her go.

All in all, I think a race between Mallory and Pepper will be great. Should keep things out of the mud, and hopefully there will be some actual policy discussions occuring!

Interesting link listing vote totals by ward. Gives you some idea of bases of support. I think it's safe to assume that a good portion of the republican (Winburn) votes will go to Pepper. And a good portion of the Reece votes will go to Mallory. That being true, and Pepper has a slight advantage over Mallory at the start. But the trick will be getting Republicans engergized about going out on election day to vote for 1 of 2 Democrats.

Monday, September 12, 2005


Vote - Tomorrow

As many of you hopefully know, the Cincinnati Mayoral Primary is this Tuesday, September 13th. The 2005 Mayoral Election is critical for Cincinnati! More than anything I want you all to take part in this process and exercise your right to vote. Unlike a traditional primary, September 13th is open and non-partisan - everyone votes, and voters can vote across party lines without changing their party registration. You can vote for only ONE candidate, with the top two vote-getters advancing for a head to head run for mayor during the November elections.

To find your polling location, please go here ( To request an absentee ballot, download this application ( and mail it to the Hamilton County Board of Elections.

So, I encourage you to vote on September 13th. I am personally recommending a vote for David Pepper for Mayor. More than any of his opponents, he understands we need change. David has a platform for reforming City Hall, ending the bickering at City Council, and bringing people together in order to get the job done. As Mayor, I believe David will make fighting crime top priority, and help Cincinnati achieve the great potential it has within it!

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