Friday, March 02, 2007


Streetcars - Yeah!

In what was somewhat a repeat of the article in the Enquirer from late January, Citybeat this week has a news feature on the streetcar study in Cincinnati.

It really is much of the same news:

There is currently a study by the group that did the Portland street car line on feasiblity for Cincinnati. You can tell by previous and current comments of city council members that it's really about where to put it, not if to do it. Which I think is great.

There is also today a letter to the enquirer about Streetcars... I think they got it half right. Streetcars are not the answer, and it should be part of a regional transit network with light rail. However, to indicate that streetcars aren't needed is also not a holistic view of transit. Light Rail provides a regional link with stations spaced 1/2 a mile or more apart. It's higher speed and has right of way. But when you get downtown, the best way to connect to destination is to be able to hop on a streetcar. If light rail goes from Mason to Downtown and dumps off a the 2nd street multi-modal transport center (under 2nd st between PBS and GABP), and you work at Kroger, most people will opt-out becuase they'd have to walk 9-10 blocks every day. But if you have a connecting light rail line do a loop up vine and back down main st, you'd make it more feasible.

The other point to make here, is that the folks in the 'region' spoke in 2002. They didn't want to spend the money to build light rail to the 'burbs. However, streetcars can do a lot for transport in the urban core, and wouldn't require approval of the 'region'. So you can get started on a better transportation system by getting buy-in from the people who understand the value of public transit (most of those people are in the urban core).

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Blah Blahblah Blah

That's what it sounds like when I read this article aloud. I will be the first to say that I am not in agreement that the government has a definite role in regulating smoking. I will say that I enjoy the smoking ban quite a bit.

I just got back from California, and it sure is nice to spend an evening in a bar and not smell like an ash tray when you're done. I'm getting ready to head to Austin and can't wait to spend the week at the music venues and not come out with scratchy eyes.

Let's take a look at some of the lame excuses provided by the business owners:

"Pam Parker, a tavern owner from Grove City near Columbus, said she fears the bar she bought with her husband will go out of business, because loyal customers want to smoke and no longer can."

a) people who regularily smoke and drink are not going to overnight quit drinking and smoking. They may 'protest' at first by staying away, but eventually they will learn to deal with it. b) I have an idea, why don't you start catering and advertising your business to the new population of folks that will go out more (like me) now that smoking is banned!

"Shawver said voters were confused by Issues 4 and 5. "

a) no, that is exactly what the tobacco companies that backed issue 4 wanted to happen, but unfortunately for them the people who vote aren't as dumb as they thought/hoped.

I have an idea, get over it. It's law, and it's the 17th state (as well as hundreds of other municipalities) that have passed it. It is constitutional, and it's time to move forward. People will continue to smoke, and they'll do it outside... or maybe, just maybe, they'll use it as an opportunity to quit smoking, definitely not a bad health choice.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Back From Vegas/Cali

What a week... Spent Wed-Wed in Las Vegas for training. Good classes actually, even though I know no one will believe I was actually in training.

The weekend I was there was NBA All-Star Weekend... which should be renamed NBA Thug Alert. Check it out on Las Vegas News. And if you think the 362 arrests were due to simply the large crowd... well, the largest crowd of the year is New Year's Eve and....

"Las Vegas police arrested 362 people since the start of NBA festivities, and 209 of them were from out of town, Montoya said. Between 80 and 140 people have been arrested during each of the past three New Year's Eve celebrations."

It was in a word...chaos in Las Vegas...not that I still didn't have fun... for those that are going there, and have any interest in Beatles music, I urge you to go see Cirque Du Soleil's Love - it's fantastic.

On a much more positive note, I spent the next 5 days in California. I went to see the Tour of California (think Le Tour De France without all the heckling of American Riders). It was awesome. Many of the big riders were there, and California native Levi Leipheimer took home the yellow jacket. It was a great success for a 2nd year event, with more than 1.4 million people coming out to see at least part of the 8 day race (2008 they are adding 2 more stages). Funny, there were way less than 362 arrests at this event, and there wasn't even any security around... strange, or not!


SXSW - Tentative Schedule

Wow... i'm not even half way through scoping out the day shows, and it's already created this mess... clearly I won't see even 1/3 of what's listed here, but it's going to be a great time!

Wednesday, March 14
Apostle Hustle - IODA Day Show - Emo's
The Black Angels - IODA Day Show - Emo's
Twilight Sad - IODA Day Show - Emo's
Jon Langford - The Bay Area Arts and Music Organization Day Show - Yard Dog
Geri X - MySpace - NO SHOWCASE - The Bay Area Arts and Music Organization Day Show -Yard Dog
The Beauvilles - MySpace - NO SHOWCASE - The Bay Area Arts and Music Organization Day Show -Yard Dog
Nessie - MySpace - NO SHOWCASE - The Bay Area Arts and Music Organization Day Show -Yard Dog
A Band of Bees - MySpace - Showcase - 10 PM - Blender Bar at the Ritz
Shane Bartell - MySpace - Showcase - 10 PM - Latitude 30
The Broken West - MySpace -Showcase - 10 PM - Antone's
Twilight Sad - MySpace - Showcase - 10 PM Mohawk Patio
The Early Years - MySpace - Showcase - 10:15 PM - Emo's Jr
The Rosebuds - MySpace - Showcase - 11 PM Antone's
Annuals - MySpace - Showcase - 12:45 AM Beauty Bar Patio
Scott H Biram - MySpace - Showcase - 1 AM - Continental Club

Thursday, March 15
The Rosebuds - Birds Barbershop Day Show - Birds
Annuals - Spaceland and LiveDaily - Antones
Dirty On Purpose - Spaceland and LiveDaily - Antones
Shearwater - MySpace - Showcase - 7:30 PM Central Presbyterian Church
The Cassettes - MySpace - Showcase - 8 PM - Blender Balcony at the Ritz
Apollo Sunshine - MySpace - Showcase - 9 PM - Dirty Dog Bar
The Sundresses - Showcase - 10 PM - Lava Lounge Patio
The Young Knives - MySpace - Showcase - 1 AM Friends

Friday, March 16
Waco Brothers - MySpace - NO SHOWCASE - Bloodshot Records Day Show - Yard Dog
Clem Snide - Bloodshot Records Day Show - Yard Dog
Gore Gore Girls - Bloodshot Records Day Show - Yard Dog
The Silos - Bloodshot Records Day Show - Yard Dog
Deadstring Brothers - Bloodshot Records Day Show - Yard Dog
Danbert Nobacon - MySpace - NO SHOWCASE - Bloodshot Records Day Show - Yard Dog
Apollo Sunshine - MySpace - The Big One Day Show
Apostle of Hustle - Hot Freaks Day Show - Mohawk
Shearwater - Hot Freaks Day Show- Mohawk
The Black Angels - Mess with Texas - Red 7
The Broken West - Merge Records Day Show - Pok-e-jo's
The Rosebuds - Merge Records Day Show - Pok-e-jo's
+/- - Merge Records Day Show - Pok-e-jo's
Frog Eyes - Merge Records Day Show - Pok-e-jo's
Margo & the Nuclear So and So's - MySpace - Showcase - 9 PM - Antone's
Dirty On Purpose - MySpace - Showcase - 9 PM Maggie Mae's
Clem Snide - MySpace - Showcase - 9 PM - Buffalo Billiards
Andrew Bird - MySpace - Showcase - 9:30 PM - Stubb's
Buffalo Killers - MySpace - Showcase - 10:30 PM - Beerland
The Black Angels - MySpace - Showcase - 11 PM - Antone's
You Am I - MySpace - Showcase - 11 PM Dirty Dog Bar - Thanks to Dave Purcell
Apostle of Hustle - MySpace - Showcase - Midnight - Habana Calle 6 Annex
Apples in Stereo - MySpace - Showcase - 1 AM - Dirty Dog Bar
Jon Langford - Showcase - 1 AM - Molotov Lounge
Peter Adams and the Nocturnal Collective - 1 AM - BD Riley's

Saturday, March 17
The Early Years - Hot Freaks Day Show - Mohawk
Annuals - Hot Freaks Day Show - Mohawk
Viva Voce - MySpace - NO SHOWCASE - Hot Freaks Day Show - Mohawk
The Young Knives - Hot Freaks Day Show - Club Deville
Margot & the Nuclear So and So's - Hot Freaks Day Show - Club Deville
The Rosebuds - Hot Freaks Day Show - Club Deville
A Fine Frenzy - MySpace - Showcase - 8 PM - Stubb's - On Tour with Pete Yorn
The Silos - MySpace - Showcase - 9:30 PM - Red Eyed Fly
Deadstring Brothers - MySpace - Showcase - 10:30 PM Red Eyed Fly
Aberdeen City - MySpace - Showcase - 11 PM - Red 7 Patio
Gore Gore Girls - MySpace - Showcase - Midnight - Continental Club
+/- - MySpace - Showcase - Midnight - Habana Calle 6 Patio
Frog Eyes - MySpace - Showcase - 1 AM Habana Calle 6 Patio

Sunday, March 18
Alejandro Escovedo - Continental Club

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