Monday, June 05, 2006


MidPoint Street Team

Do you love music and our great city? Give Back Cincinnati is handling the volunteers again for MidPoint Music Festival. You will hear more for general volunteers in the coming months. But right now we are forming a committee to help us hit the streets to promote MPMF, and to recruit volunteers.

If you are interested in helping send me an email at The time committment won't be a lot (couple meetings, and attending a few events), but it'll be great fun, and you'll get a free pass to MPMF. So if you really love music and want to help MPMF, but don't want to volunteer for the actual festival because you'd rather hop from venue to venue all weekend catching the great tunes, this is for you!


Paint the Town 2006

Paint the Town 2006 - Hartwell and Carhage.
RSVP now for Give Back Cincinnati's biggest event of the year. We'll be painting in a single day, 30 low-income, owner-occupied homes. We will have over 750 volunteers scraping, painting and having fun! Support the Carthage/Hartwell community of Cincinnati. Click here to volunteer!

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Marvin - Enough is Enough

It's time to make some changes. With the newest DUI charges against Chris Henry, it's time to make an example of some of these Hooligans playing for the Bengals.

Not only are these players not worth the trouble they are causing, but the Bengals are more than a football team. They represent the city of Cincinnati to the entire country, and they are embarassing themselves, the team, and the city.

It's time for Marvin to come forward to make an example out of both Chris Henry and A.J. Nicholson. They need to go.

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