Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Lily Pad Wins Airport!

Huge win today for Project Lily Pad. Lily Pad was awarded the contract to provide free wifi at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport at all locations not already covered by a pay service by T-Mobile. Lily Pad free-wifi will be at the ticketing, baggage claim, Terminal 2 and Comair sections of the airport.

The original Request for Proposal (RFP) that went out did not have a requirement that service be provided for free. In part due to the response provided by Lily Pad for free service, the airport scrapped the process and started over with a Free-Based RFP. Lily Pad competed with some major regional and national providers in this process and still was able to provide a convincing argument for our model and the support of this community.

It's truly awesome that we were able to win this contract. I believe there is already an article in the Cincinnati Post, and there is likely to be quite a bit more press on this. It is a huge step for us as we enter the spring/summer months and begin to get signficantly more interest in the project in our community..... stay tuned for additional announcements in the near future about some major partnerships!


Main Street Renaissance?

I commented on the Post Article from back in March that indicated the current owner of the Exchange (Paul Yankie), was looking to lead an investment group to purchase several of the recently scuttled bars in the Main Street area and re-work them.

I've begun hearing rumblings that this may be nearly a done deal, and that Jefferson Hall, RBC, Japp's and Harry's will all be open (under new names and concepts) as soon as July 1st. It's still a believe-it-when-I-see-it stage, but it's at least clear this is still in the works. It would be great if those places could be re-opened along with plans for Mixx (old Jump), Jardin (old Neon's), Below Zero (old Alcehmize), and Ocho Rios (old Club Clau).

This would result in Main Street having it's largest collection of bars and restaurants operating since it's heyday.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Let's Beat That Dead Smoking Horse

Well... looks like smoking ban enforcement finally goes into affect on May 1st. Kind of funny that people are still hitting up the it's not fair card. I don't know how smart it is for an owner of a pub to go on the record as saying he's going to break the law and pay the fine. Seems to open himself up as a target when enforcement begins.


More Newport Cool

This is a refreshing approach to 'those troublesome youngins'. Obviously the approach is still finding somewhere to heard the skaters, but I like that the approach is both to find something positive for them to do AND it's actively engaging some of them to help plan the park.

Newport has announced the beginning of a skate park under I-471. It's only a couple blocks away from my house, but I don't think I'll be buying a board and knee pads anytime soon. I am pretty sure I've passed my skateboarding prime :)

It's cool that they are getting it started, and have even grander plans for the park in the future. I hope they are able to find and/or raise the funds to bring about it's full plan.


Newport Cycling Mecca?

Robert Yoder, who I am not going to christen Newport Brainchild, is doing a bang-up job as Newports 'Main Street Coordinator'. His official charge is to revitalize and promote 'downtown' Newport and specifically the Monmouth Street area south of the levee. He has done an amazing job already promoting facade improvements, streetscape programs, and enticing new business (like Steamboat Bagels and Graeter's) to locate on Monmouth.

He's also fantastic at dreaming up and supporting innovative and progressive ideas to make the community interesting. Some cost money (and most of the time he finds state, federal or private grants), but many don't.

His new brainstorm includes relocating a gas station building (circa 1920), which includes a spanish tile roof, to Saratoga and 10th street to serve as a Tourist and Cycling Depot. The concept is detailed as follows:

"bike racks, air pumps, a water fountain, tourist information and a transportation museum detailing the area's railroads and other landmarks. The station would mark the beginning of a bike trail where road signs would point bikers through town to the Purple People Bridge and connect with trails in Ohio."

It's a great concept, and will help bolster Newport's position as a 'bike friendly community', both in name and in certification, as there is early rubmlings about applying for the League of American Bicyclists 'Bike Friendly Community' program, which brings with it honor and streamlined application for additonal grants for cycling promotion.


Give Back Cincinnati Community Conversation - Ohio Riverfront Parks (NKY and Cincinnati)

Want to hear about plans for Urban Parks on Both Sides of the Ohio Riverfront?
Give Back Cincinnati is hosting a Community Conversation

Tues, April 17th 6-8 PM
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
Discovery Room

Steve Schuckman,
the superintendent of planning and design for the Cincinnati Riverfront Park,
will present the park proposal and answer questions.

Mike Phillips,
Park and Greenspace project facilitator for NKY’s Vision 2015,
will present plans for Licking River Greenway and Ohio Riverfront Commons

Please RSVP at

Click on the image to download a copy of the full plan for the Cincinnati Riverfront Park.

Refreshments provided by Chic-fil-A - Tower Place Mall and Alpine Valley Water.

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