Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Mayoral and Council Candidates on Brian and Joe Show

Candidates for Council and Mayor will be on the Brian and Joe show on 88.3 tomorrow at 10 AM. Listen Live>

List of Mayoral Candidates:

Justin Jeffre
Mark Mallory
Sandra Queen Noble
David Pepper
Alicia Reece
Charlie Winburn

List of Council Candidates:

Bill Barron
Jeff Berding
Eve Bolton
Laketa Cole
John Cranley
David C. Crowley
John Eby
Leslie Ghiz
Samantha Herd
Damon Lynch
Paul McGhee
Christopher Smitherman
Nick Spencer
Jim Tarbell
Robert Wilson
Wendell Young


Louisville Smoking Ban - Passed

A partial ban has been passed, eliminating smoking in all public spaces and workplaces in Metro Louisville. The only thing exempted (for now) are bars. I don't understand the idea behind a partial ban. If you are voting for a ban of smoking in workplaces because it's unhealthy, how can you approve it in bars. Is the health of patrons and workers in bars less valuable than those that work in a factory?

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