Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Purple People Bridge Climb

If you haven't heard by now, you live in a cave. The Purple People Bridge Climb is open and has gotten great press. Lily Pad is going to ride that train this afternoon.

A few folks from Lily Pad will be climbing the bridge (myself included) to get a photo op highlighting the bridge and the free wireless on the riverfront. One of the team members (not me) will be in a frog suit, so check the local news tonight to catch a glimpse.


Covington Loses One, Gains One

The Park Place/Greenup area lost a neighborhood staple on Sunday, but are set to pick up a new neighborhood favorite on Wednesday.

Donna's Dinner (which by the way had the absolute best Mac and Cheese in the city), closed on Sunday following more Tax and Liquor license issues with the Queen City Restaurant Group. The group which ran into the same trouble with Watson Brothers Brewery in Blue Ash a few months ago, had to shut the doors on Donna's after facing the lose of thier liquor license due to over $40k in back taxes.

But perhaps better news for Covington to offset the lose is the addition of Jean-Robert de Cavel's Greenup Cafe. The site of the old Wildflour Bakery is the location for the new bakery. Initially it will offer pastries, baked goods and coffee. Over the next couple months they will add breakfast, lunch and brunch. I'm sure it's set to be an A+ and I look forward to checking it out soon!

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