Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Purple People Bridge

The purple people bridge is soon going to be a lot more exciting to cross. The Bridge Climb Experience is set to begin work to creat a network of stairs, ladders, and safety ropes that will allow you to cross the top of the bridge tresses. The experience will cost around $60.

The new attraction should be open by middle of 2006. It's based off an attraction in Sydney, Austrailia, called BridgeClimb, that crosses the harbor bridge.


Bengals Withdraw

If you're like me, the Bengals upcoming bye week has you going through some withdraw. This should help... click to watch the video:


Election Reflection

Just a few brief points I'd like to make about yesterday's election. It combines pure opinion and some fact/research (but mostly opinion).

First congrats to Mr. Mallory. I was a supporter of David Pepper. I believe he would have done wonderful things for the city, and that was based on confidence in his record and his plans. Mr. Mallory was, and is, more of an unknown (at least to me). I have high hopes for what he can do with this city and with the council candidates that were elected. The show is yours Mr. Mallory, I hope you end up with a standing ovation.

Now on to my Council Election round up:

Monday, November 07, 2005


WalMart - High Cost for Low Price

There certainly has been a lot of talk about 'Big Box' retailers, and their affect on local economies and communities. There is a new documentary about the global reaching retailer, and their business tactics. There are local viewings at Kaldi's (Nov. 14 7 PM) and Southgate House (Nov. 19 9&11 PM) in the coming weeks. Click the previous links to RSVP. Come out for a viewing, or go online and buy the DVD. I urge you to educate yourself, whether you are anti-walmart or pro-walmart, check out the movie and join the debate. I don't deny that some of the movie is likely to be propaganda, but you're also likely to learn some things.

After the Kaldi's viewing, 'A Small Group' will lead a discussion about how big-box retailers are changing the economy and social fabric of America. RSVP above, or email Collette ( Hope to see you there!

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