Friday, March 30, 2007


OTR Grapevine - Permission Granted

I guess I can officially talk about some of what I mentioned in my earlier post about the OTR Grapevine.

Joe Wessels has officially reported some of the things I've heard through the grapevine, and the most exciting if Jean Ro is moving into OTR with a cafe similar to his Covington Greenup Cafe. It's really amazing news for the Gateway Quarter, and an afirmation of what is coming in that area.

Joe also officially confirms "Below Zero, a martini and piano bar, open in the location of the former Alchemize Bar on Walnut Street will open early this summer. Its owner is former Hamburger Mary's/Universal Grille co-owner Nigel Cotterill."

It also comments on the move of Urban Homeware store MetroNation to the Quarter, along with Park + Vine "a new "green" general store in the next block south".

What great momentum for the area. Take a tour, buy a condo!

UPDATE: Enquirer chimes in today as well.

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