Saturday, September 03, 2005


Wal-Mart Continues It's Invasion

My sister lives 35 miles from me. A Super Wal-Mart is going up less than 2 miles from her home. Now Super Wal-Mart may be going in only 2 miles from my home in Newport. It appears the contract the city signed with Bear Creek may mean they are completely powerless to do anything about it. How a city forks out money for street improvement, industrial bonds to help defray costs of a development, but yet puts itself in a position to control none of the development is BEYOND me.

Fennell said the agreement was fashioned to give the city some power over
the tenants without warding off developers.

"It was always my impression that we had some control over the retail mix. Putting veto power into the contract wouldn't have made business sense at the time," she said.

Good business sense? If this was happening in Cincinnati, everyone would be saying, look the council screwed up again... so everything in Newport isn't done right, they've failed here!


Pre-season Football - Stealing $55 without Charity

Okay, I've got a lot of comments on last night's destruction of the Indianapolis Colts by the Cincinnati Bengals. But let me first say, I am a HUGE Bengals fan, love the team and am excited about the season, which will hopefully be the first playoff year in quite some time. I am a season ticket holder and will be attending at least 4 of the 8 road games this year.

It was GREAT to see a large crowd at the game, and WONDERFUL to see $62,000 donated by the fans to the American Red Cross.

Now this is where my concern begins. Not only was I forced to pay $55 for a pre-season game (they make season ticket holders buy pre-season tickets), but the fans also forked out $60k for Hurricane Relief. This money wasn't matched by the Bengals, they didn't offer up (as far as I know) any of their own money for relief.

What would I have liked to see? I would have liked to see them say they'd donate all $55 of any ticket that was purchased this week for the game. I.e. tickets still available, come out to the game, and the ticket sale will be donated by the Bengals. Or, we'll match every dollar that is donated. Or, since we're charging regular season prices for a game in with only 2 of 22 Colts starters stepped on the field, we are donating 1/2 of all ticket sales for the game to Katrina....

I don't know, I don't care, all I am saying is that for a game that doesn't count, that Indy didn't think was important enough to play a single offensive starter it seems odd to me that you ask me for $55 to attend, and then set up collection booths out front.

Maybe I'm way out of line... But I'll make my donation to Red Cross elsewhere.


What the Hell is Portune Talking About

This article about the search for a Hamilton County Adminstrator is interesting. If you remember, DeWine and Heimlich voted to remove long time admin Krings from the job 8 months ago. They placed Suzanne Burke into the role on an interim basis.

They've interviewed many candidates, but have not come to a consensus. Portune claims that 3 of the candidates were qualified to take the position, including Suzanne Burke, and complained the process was taking too long.

Portune insists they've had several of the right people - including acting
part-time administrator Suzanne Burke.

"I'm not pleased at all," Portune said. "I felt that the initial round identified at least three candidates who were well-qualified to serve as the next county administrator, but the majority felt we had to go out and re-test the waters."

So, the interim administrator is qualified to handle the job full-time according to Portune. If that is the case, what is the harm in spending a couple extra months making sure the director in charge of a $2 billion business is the BEST possible person. The way I see it from Portune's side, we have a qualified person running the business today, and if no one else better turns up Burke is named the full-time person. If someone else better does turn up, all the better for the county. So quit playing politics. It boils down to the fact that Portune is bitter that Heimlich is running for Lt. Gov. So make that the issue, don't try to play politics with the search of county commissioner.

Friday, September 02, 2005



Not to make light of a serious situation, but I am guessing Mrs. Vaccariello is going to be seriously disappointed when she takes a glance at this:

East Siiiiiide at it's best.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


P-Dub Era Comes to End

Peter Warrick's run with the Bengals ended today. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes great. Unfortunately P-Dub had the injury bug the last couple seasons, and with the emergence of TJ and Chad, and the new arrivals (mainly Chris Henry), Warrick was no longer a needed asset. He'll get picked up by someone, and I wish him luck, but I'm excited to see Chris Henry line up opposite of Chad Johnson!


Mayoral Forum - Tonight

The only Mayoral Candidate Forum to focus on Young Professional issues will be held tonight. Hosted by Legacy, CET, and Give Back Cincinnati. The debate will be held in the CET studios, but seating is sold out.

You are encouraged to be at CET for the Candidate Reception beginning at 5:30 PM, featuring all of the Mayoral Candidates and many City Council Candidates. The reception will feature hors d’oeuvres from McFadden's Restaurant and Saloon, and beverages from Christian Moerlein and Michael Lee. Non-alcoholic beverages will also be provided.

You are also invited to attend the official after-party immediately following the live broadcast hosted by McFadden's Restaurant and Saloon.

If you need directions to CET, click on this link and don’t forget that the city garage under CET will charge $1.50 for parking.


Last Blast - 'The' Party

Summer Blow Out Party Will Be in Lunken Airport Hangar #1.

Last Blast '05 - The coolest Cincinnati party to take place in a hangar at Lunken Airport. Summer '05 is nearly a thing of the past, but Give Back Cincinnati will not go quietly into the fall without one LAST BLAST, and for a good cause... Proceeds from Last Blast '05 will benefit the Give Back Cincinnati 2005 Service Travel Trip to Ecuador.

Live Music + Beer + Friends = Good Times
Where: Lunken Airport, Hangar 1
Date: Sat. Sept. 10
Time: 8pm-midnight
What: Live DJ and music by The Stapletons and Swarthy Band
Price: $20 (incl. Live Entertainment and 5 drink tickets)
Benefiting: Give Back Cincinnati 2005 Service Travel Trip

Buy Your Tickets Today

A special thanks to EJ Aircraft Ltd. for lending us the space, and to all of our sponsors.
Hope to see you there!!

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