Sunday, May 14, 2006


Jammin' On = Success

It was a great two nights on Main St. It's a refreshing scene to have people on the streets, and bars packed with people having fun. The festival was crowded both nights, but the crowds on Saturday night were especially heavy.

But best of all, it's another great example that people in Cincinnati will and do support local live music. There is a tremendous amount of local talent right now. How great would it be if Main St was like this every night again, the way it was in the late 90's.

Well, at least we know one weekend that will be like this again in 2006...MPMF. 4 more months until then though...


CPS Adopts Green Development

Cincinnati Public schools are making a statement. Not only with their overall school building plan, but with the new school in Pleasant Ridge. They are trying to build the school to specifications for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. If successful they will be the first school in Ohio and just the 23rd across the country with the designation. It is truly forward thinking.

The school will have the following features:

A light-colored roof to reflect sunlight and reduce heat absorption, reducing the use of air-conditioning.

Windows facing north and south to minimize the sun's glare and to save on energy costs.

Windows with special glazing to optimize natural light to cut utility costs.

Solar panels on the roof to generate electricity and save energy.

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning run through the floor to provide a healthier environment by pushing fresh air to the breathing zone and pathogens toward the ceiling, which are then filtered out.


American Can Renovation Set

Plans for the American Can development in Northside are set, and will be unveiled Monday at the Northside Community Council Meeting.

Things look great, and will be a great jumpstart to the southern end of the business district. Hopefully the complete plans including park will get implemented.

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