Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Pedicabs - Cycling Away

Maybe I'll sign up as a part time job and get some exercise and extra cash at the same time. Pedicabs have opened an operation with the Levee as home base. The bicycyle cabs are a great idea, though I think I would have started operation in spring instead of Winter... Not sure if they are heated or not.

Austin, TX uses these things a ton, and they make some good money during festivals like Austin City Limits Music Festival, but I don't know how well they do the rest of the year. I could see it as being a good attraction during similar street festivals in Cincinnati like Oktoberfest, Riverfest, etc.


Tarbell - Vice-Mayor

Mark Mallory named Jim Tarbell as vice-mayor. As the role is mostly ceremonious, I think this is an excellent choice. Tarbell is a champion for all things Cincinnati, and for things that make it interesting. Arts, Sports, Bars and Restaurants.

It also serves Mr. Mallory well. Tarbell is term-limited in 2007, and will be able to select a new Vice-Mayor then, avoiding anyone becoming well-known and/or powerful to run against him in 2009. That's somewhat cynical, and I'm not indicating that this was in Mr. Mallory's mind when he made his choice. Just pointing out that in fact it will be beneficial to Mallory in that regard.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


New School Designs - Pleasant Ridge and SCPA

The school board unveiled two new designs for schools in OTR and Pleasant Ridge at their meeting last night. The Pleasant Ridge design was approved, and the SCPA design (at left) was introduced as informational. Tough to see a lot from the picture, but it looks like it would be an amazing introduction to OTR and the south side of Washington Park. Providing art and lighting for the area will be a great improvement.

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