Friday, March 18, 2005


Regional Smoking Ban

Now Campbell County is getting into the game. This is what I have been saying all along. I am on the fence about the smoking ban in general, BUT, if you are going to ban smoking at bars/restaurants then it needs to be done on both sides of the river. And the government, regulatory, health, and civic action groups are hopefully talking to each other about how to do it simultaneously. I don't fear a movement to the suburbs for bars/patrons. Those that are going downtown for bars, are not going to be content heading to Mason for a beer, but a bigger worry is crossing the river to an already lively entertainment district.


Wifi Movement

While I would guess that the lifespan on wifi is probably only another 5-7 years (before something with higher bandwidth and expanded range takes its place), I would say that within 18 months you'll be able to go virtually anywhwere and get connected. It will be a boon for freeing people from their offices, and allowing people to move meetings to more natural locations.

Panera Bread has been a leader and is mentioned in this article, as is my favorite coffee house (Mammoth Coffee). I don't know who the hell is going to Starbucks, overpaying for coffee and then turning around to pay $6 for a single hour of internet access. When you have choices like Panera and Mammoth, why the heck would you go to Starbucks?

On another note, the Chamber of Commerce Regional Leadership Forum is planning to expand this free wifi love throughout the city. They have marketing firm LPK and Ann Keeling on the job, so the branding and marketing of the product is sure to be amazing. Give Back Cincinnati will be the handoff partner, and some great talent from previous Give Back Cincinnati boards will be leading the charge, including Ryan Rybolt (founder of Give Back), and Jodi McIntosh.

They've got Hyde Park square slated as the pilot location, with other spots from NKY to Middleton to Northside to Dearborn County, IN in the works. Once the pilot locations get off the ground the rest will come fast and furious, as business districts see the benefits, and the relatively inexpensive cash layout to get it going and keep it running.


UC Development Project Problems

I hope this doesn't cause issues. Any delay would be bad for the project, and would ultimately put the neighborhood in a worse position than it was previously. I am not sure what prompted the demand for Deerings removal from the project, but I would guess it's pretty serious with the way everyone on the committee is being so tightlipped. However, I think Cranley's vailed threat is horrible:

"Our commitment for $3 million was based on a vision presented by Dan Deering," Cranley said. "I think we should take that money off the table until we have some assurances they can make it through this transition."

It's just typical of city council, why make that type of statement in public to the media. It doesn't do anyone any good. If you have concerns work with the redevelopment corporation face to face to let them know of you concerns, don't grandstand to get your name in the paper.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Covington Condo High Rise Proposed

Great looking building for Covington. Would be a big boost to the restaurants/bars in that area to have a significant number of new residents. I think it could also be good for The Banks development to have this kind of real estate just across the suspension bridge from the proposed Cincinnati Development. Looks awesome to me, and the lead design architect is the same man who won the design contest for the new World Trade Center buildings in NYC, Daniel Libeskind.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Rudi Locked Up

Well, the Franchise Tag was ultimately not needed. The Bengals and Rudi agreed to a 5-year contract today. Couldn't find the financial terms to the deal yet, but I'd guess it's probably a reduction from the 6.2 Million he would have gotten, but a bigger signing bonus. I think it's a plus for the Bengals who know have Palmer, Rudi, Chad, and TJ all locked up through 2008. They can focus their draft on defense, now that they have locked up their offensive skill positions.

Not sure what this means for Chris Perry, who is rumored to have suffered another sports hernia. Is this a sign that they've given up on the 2004 1st round draft pick? I would assume it is.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Jammin' On

Well I had mentioned this a couple weeks ago, but the Enquirer picked it up today with a larger article. Jammin' On Main was cancelled, but there is now a grass roots event with some of the best bands in Cincinnati peforming to replace the lost Main event. The new event (cleverly named... Jammin' On), will take place the same weekend (13-14) at Neon's, RBC's and Jefferson Hall.

The event is in need of volunteers (and you get free admission for volunteering), so if you'd like to help out you can contact organizer Eric Diedrichs (frontman for Cari Clara, and formerly of the Simpletons) at (Let em know that 'The Nati sent you).

Monday, March 14, 2005


Jake Speed's Tribute to Woody Guthrie

Jake Speed and the Freddies will be hosting their annual tribute to Woody Guthrie. Each April on the anniversary of the Guthrie's families move to California (chased from Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl), Jake gathers friends to pay tribute to the American legend. Some come out an enjoy some of that Jake Speed style 'old-timey' music at Shake It Records in Northside on April 10th at 2 PM. (while you're in Northside grab a burrito at the Comet, and a couple CDs from the Country's best CD Store - Shake It Records).

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