Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Casino Study

Interesting article today about gambling in Ohio. A new study indicates $4 Billion in revenue and $610 Million in tax revenue. Downside is 100,000 new problem gamblers (isn't it only a problem if you lose :), costing $29.7 million. In my head those numbers work. If the entire parking lot at Argosy wasn't filled with Ohio License plates each time I go, I might buy the argument that casinos promote 'riff-raff' (as they are often referred). But based on the license plates, I'd say the 'riff-raff' already live next door to you.... so you might as well collect some tax dollars from them and build new roads, bike trails, etc.

Here's an idea... Main St in OTR is struggling to tread water, mostly due to crime issues. So, I suggest slapping a casino at Broadway Commons (a baseball stadium would have been better, but that fight is over). If there is one thing casinos care about it's making sure money travels to and from the casino safely. If you put that cash cow at Broadway, you'd have an immediate high traffic area, well lit, and I'm sure the casino would pitch in for some extra police on the street. Result? You'd have a place people can safely go, and lots of foot traffic for the bars/restaurants in the area. Now I am sure there are some residents in Pendleton that wouldn't want a casino on their doorstep, but begger's can't be choosers... so if you want the crime/drugs out, a casino would get that job done.


More Condos in NKY

And the boom continues. If projects at Park Avenue, Harbor Greene, The Ascent, and others weren't an indication that people (especially empty-nesters) are re-discovering the benefits of Urban Living this new project in Newport certainly is. An astounding plan of 3 towers of residential and more than 200 condos. Early renderings of SouthShore (above) look great, but someone better get a shovel out soon and fix the 471 ramp. When these are done the traffic is just going to get worse. That's not a complaint, just a fact... and they are working on it, so I am hopeful that progress will be made before these come online.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Doin' the Huggs Wrong

I'm sorry, say what you will about Coach Huggins, but Nancy Zimpher could not have handled this entire situation any worse. If she wanted him gone, the time was when he made his mistake. He was punished and served his time. She offered him a choice to continue the final 2 years on his contract or resign, and he stayed on. To fire him 2 months before the season starts is sick, wrong and flat out bullshit.

The Cincinnati Bearcats are joining the Big East this year for one reason and one reason only... Bob Huggins. To think anything else is crazy. It will mean higher enrollement, and big money for the University and Coach Huggins deserves to be the coach. UC will not get money from me for sporting events or through Alumni donation in the future.


Chart House Fishing Again

The Chart House restaurant and it's 'Hot Chocolate Lava Cake' and freshly flown in seafood will return to Newport. The restaurant closed in 2003, and there were rumors of possibly re-opening as a SaltGrass Steakhouse (also in the Landry's Family). Now they have decided to give it another go, and I would guess that a lot of that has to do with the health of Newport as a whole and the new condo's that are set to go up in Newport and Bellevue along the riverfront. Just when it seemed Newport/Bellevue couldn't get any hotter, things seem to be stepping up.


Light Rail and Extensive Bike Trails in Cincinnati?

Could it be? Could we finally be getting progressive in our approach to transportation in this fine region? I know there are hurdles and environmental concerns in the plan, that I will not pretend to have full knowledge of.

All I know is that when I read about a $1.4 Billion dollar plan to put in new roads and there are millions for bike trails and a light rail line, I get excited about that. Check it out.


Underground Railroad Goes Above Ground - And on Bike

New Trail in the works to trace some of the routes of the underground railroad and visit sites historically releveant to the Underground Railroad. It's definitely an interesting concept, and should make for a wonderful 2,000 mile bike adventure. The route will go from Mobile, Ala., to Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, with significant highlights for our region as the site of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Not to mention the hundreds of local sites in the area that were part of the network of freedom.

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