Thursday, January 27, 2005


Ruby's Adds Defibrillators

First of all... I applaud the Jeff Ruby restaurants for taking this important safety step. More restaurants should do so. If it saves 1 life it's worth it...

But, I have to wonder..... does the need for a defibrillator, which assists people under cardiac arrest, have anything to do with the fact that most of Ruby's establishments serve the biggest, juiciest, HEART STOPPING pieces of red meat?


Good-Bye Arena Rock, Hello Gridiron Rock

I'm pretty sure this has no affect on me. I seriously doubt any event they'll book at 66,000 seat Paul Brown Stadium will receive dollars from my pocket. But it's good to see the stadium taking steps to be used more than 10 times a year...

The article also slips in a 3CDC reference and the fact that Stephen Leeper is working the Reds/Bengals/Hamilton County to get them to all chip in $5 million to get the parking garages built, and get the Banks development out of the riverfront mud.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Madison Theater Under New Management

Good news here. I always thought the Madison Theater was a great venue after they completely rehabbed it in 2001. But they never seemed to have a clear objective on their audience. One night would be a metal band, the next a wrestling event, and then the next would be some folky singer/song writer. Didn't ever make any sense.

Well now they have new management, and it's Charles Attal Presents from Austin. Attal and his CAP outfit book the acts at Stubb's BBQ in Austin, an amazing venue. Attal is also the brainchild behind the Austin City Limits Music Festival talent booking. So CAP in conjunction with House of Blues will now be booking acts at the Madison Theater. This should give the area another option for out of town acts besides the Clear Channel dominated boxes around town like Bogart's. Stay tuned to see how the bookings turn out.


UPDATE: Super Bowl in HD in NKY

I am claiming my first blog victory... After my previous post about not having the Super Bowl in HD, Insight Cable has stepped up to provide Fox HD, so Northern KY will get the Super Bowl in HDTV on channel 763. Okay, so really I had nothing to do with the change, but I'll claim it anyway :)


No Surprise Here

Cincinnati = Smart; Cleveland = Dumb

"Cincinnati came in at No. 27

For comparison in Ohio, Columbus ranked higher, with a B-plus at No. 19. Akron is average, at 53 with a grade of C. Cleveland (D-plus, 74th), and Toledo (D, 85th), are both wearing dunce caps."

Was there ever any doubt? Everyone insert your Cleveland Joke here.


Reds Hall of Fame Balloting

For those that didn't know the Reds Hall of Fame opened next to Great American last year. It's a great facility, and if you're a baseball fan it's the next best place to Cooperstown.

Well the Reds have opened balloting for the Hall of Fame back up to the fans. The Reds hall was always a fan balloting endeavors until 1988. This year they're asking for your input again. So make your vote count. There are a lot of great candidates... Spuds (Chris Sabo), the Cobra (Dave Parker), Eric 'the Red' Davis, Tom 'Perfect Game' Browning, and Jose Rijo to name a few.


Pepper Officially Joins Mayoral Race

While he announced he'd be running 5 months ago when Mr. Charlie decided to step out of the way, yesterday was the official campaign kick off for David Pepper. There'll be plenty to talk about in 2005 about the Mayoral and Council races (even though I don't get to vote, since I live in KY). I'm not officially endorsing any candidate, but I think Mr. Pepper's campaign kick off indicates that his priority is in the right place. He's focused on crime and was the organizer behind using the $2 million windfall the city recieved over a year ago to create the "Safe and Clean Neighborhood Fund." It will be interesting to see the entire campaign platform when released. The only other major candidate officially in the race currently is State Senator Mark Mallory (both he and David are Democrats).

Full Disclosure: David Pepper is a member of the Give Back Cincinnati Advisory Board, and has been a strong supporter of the organization since it's inception. He's been a big supporter of engaging the young 'creative class', and is one of the few council members who I've seen around town at events catered towards that crowd.


Happy Birthday Mammoth on Monmouth

For those of you who haven't been, take the one year anniversary as a reason to go. Mammoth on Monmouth Coffee House in Newport (on Monmouth, obviously) is a great space that's now been open a year. They are open early and until Midnight on Friday and Saturday. You can get coffee, a beer, and some great sandwiches. They often have live music on the weekends, and great art openings. If you've got a laptop, they also offer free wifi (with purchase)... so go on and check them out.

They are also a stop on the Northern Kentucky First Friday Gallery Hop in Newport, Bellevue and Covington. Next 'hop' is on Friday, Feb. 4th with a Mardi Gras Theme.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Montessori Craze

Well.. my wife is a Montessori teacher, so I fully support the Montessori experience... but damn, what's up with these parents? Sleeping over night in January in Cininnati. It's 10 degrees out. Not sure if this is an expression of the value of Montessori education, the poor performance of the non-magnet CPS schools or a combination of both. Seems to be if it's that successful, and that popular, you'd open more schools that utilize the methodology.


Riverfront Project in Northern KY Benefits Ohio?

What... how can this be... a project proposed in NKY isn't seen as a loss to Ohio, but rather a possible boost to the state? Now that's the kind of talk I like to see:

Ohioans also would benefit, particularly if Cincinnati's proposed 24-hour urban neighborhood, The Banks, is built between Paul Brown Stadium and Great American Ball Park.

"We'll have good connections with the stadiums" and also with the Banks project, if and when it happens, Pagan said. "That'd be very important to us. But we'll have something in place that we can be proud of, that's going to be a good complement to what's potentially going to go on the Ohio side."

One thing that jumped out at me, was a proposed decommissioned nuclear submarine that would become a Naval Museum. Interesting concept to me, and something that I think fits in with the Aquarium family attraction of NKY. Of course, I've heard it before with the USS Cincinnati that didn't pan out, I am guessing this is the same group that is trying to get the sub here.

Monday, January 24, 2005


What's Your Opinion of Downtown?

While I personally love downtown, and feel perfectly safe, I recognize that's not everyone's opinion. Downtown Cincinnati Incorporated is a fantastic organization that does real tangible things to improve downtown. While they don't 'move the fountain' or 'tear down the skywalk', they are able to put together some programs like the Downtown Ambassadors (those people in yellow you see around town answer questions, and picking up litter), and the virtual blockwatch program.

They also do a fantastic job of providing real metrics to measure how things are going, and create targeted responses to the data they collect. So fill out their Winter Survey and let them know how you feel about downtown, and what needs to be improved.

And if you are ever looking for a downtown restaurant, retailer, etc, their website is a great resource


Yet Another Wednesday Event

Along with One World Wednesday at the Art Museum on the first Wednesday of the month, you now have Dinner and a Museum at the Art Museum the last Wednesday of the month. The idea is to attract more evening traffic by coupling art, movies, wine tasting and dinner. Sounds like an interesting program. First one is Feb. 23rd, but I'll be going to the Playhouse in the Park Stage Left Series, so I'll have to check it out in March.


Football Office Pools

Is there anything better than writing your initials in a couple squares on a ten by ten grid, then watching football on Sunday to see the End of Quarter and End of Game scores match up to the scores you were assigned. $8 in, $100 out... you really can't beat that return on investment. (Of course it really only makes up for the money I lost Friday night playing Hold'em).

On to the big pool...Super Bowl Sunday... which really only gets you warmed up for March Madness...

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