Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Bootsy - Who Dey Hype

Check out Bootsy's new track... to be released next week, and I assume will debut this Sunday against the Panthers! Click on the image below to hear the track.

Who Dey!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Lily Pad on Fountain Square

Lily Pad is now open for business on Fountain Square. And to go along with it, we've created a short animation to run on the big screen to help let visitors and locals know that it's there. Click below to see the video that will run on the big video screen:

We also recieved a great cover story in the Cincinnati Post last weekend, about the inquiries that Cincinnati is receiving from other cities. We really have gotten a lot of interest from outside of Cincinnati, thanks to the Post for being the first local media source to actually 'get it'. That this isn't just a couple free wifi spots, but a business model that is more successful than most of the other efforts around the country... and it's all volunteer!


Katrina Collaboration Party

Cincinnati Magazine is throwing a great party the Friday after Thanksgiving. You know you are always looking for something to do on that Friday. Your off work, you don't feel like going to the mall with other 1,000 crazies. Well, now there's a party for you. Cincinnati Magazine is throwing an awesome party, and the proceeds will go to Katrina Collaboration for a trip to New Orleans with Habitat for Humanity in 2007.

Click on the image to buy tickets today!

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