Saturday, March 31, 2007


OTR Gains More Momentum

Wow... How much good press can one little troubled neighborhood get in one week? Kudos to Brian Tiffany (OTR Chamber) who has been working mostly behind the scenes to help some of these deals.

Kudos also to the Gateway Quarter folks, the arts and cultural instutions and Roula David and Michael Spalding (Owners of Vinyl).

The above mentioned duo, are working with the business partner of Neon's to keep the bar open through Apr. 21st, and then do a renovation to turn it into Jardin Wine and Tapas Bar. What a fantastic idea. A Tapas bar in that area is perfect, and will fit in well with the Latin club that is going into the former Club Clau space.

The duo are also still moving ahead with their plans for a Sushi bar at the former Jump location. This area is going to be really fantastic by the middle of the summer! See other news on OTR with the new club in the former Alchemize space!

It's really funny: After my first look around OTR a few weeks ago, I called my fiancé in London and started breathlessly telling him that we need to hurry up and start buying real estate there before the prices go up. Literally every day since then, there has been another story in the news about OTR which I am sure is pushing the prices up by the hour. It's crazy good news for the neighborhood...and interesting to me to feel so invested in a place I'd never heard of a month ago. (We haven't bought any real estate yet, but my guy might be selling his place in Paris to invest in OTR. Brian Tiffany was pretty pleased when I told him that.)
Jackie if you are looking for a nice condo, you should check this place out. I took the photos of this cute loft for a friend of mine and his wife and him just put it on the market.

Goodluck in your search.
Check out this photo of a renovated townhouse near Washington Park. Now that is a bathroom!
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