Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Lily Pad Riverfront - Join the Celebration

I have some exciting news that I am hoping you can spread. I hope you are familiar with Lily Pad (, a project I am involved in to bring free wifi to the region's public spaces, business districts, etc. We have made great progress in the last 8 months, bringing free wifi to locations such as Hyde Park Square, Findlay Market, Tri-County Mall, Main St and many others. We are about to take a major step forward in our wifi efforts, but also a major step in bringing attention to Cincinnati as a progressive community.

On May 1st we will be launching our largest Lily Pad to date. It will be the nation's first interstate wi-fi hotspot connecting three cities in two states with a virtual internet bridge (ALL FREE). It will provide 100% free wireless access from Sawyer Point to Paul Brown in Ohio, and from the Purple People Bridge to RiverCenter in N. KY.

As part of this launch we will have a major press conference at the Underground Railroad Freedom Center, followed by a Happy Hour from 4-7 PM at Palomino’s. It’s not just any happy hour though. Lily Pad, Give Back Cincinnati and are preparing to launch a collaborative campaign to bring the nation's No. 1 news division, the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, to Cincinnati USA to cover the work of Lily Pad and the thriving YP community!
We are looking to get the support of more than 1,000 people in sending letters to Brian Williams. You can create the letter on your own, or attend the happy hour to create a quick note.

But either way please RSVP here ( so that we
can send instructions on highlights to hit in their letters. As an added bonus anyone that RSVPs and either attends the happy hour or writes a letter on their own will be eligible for a drawing for a $50 gift card to Palomino’s.

Monday, April 17, 2006


New Steps

For 150 years folks have been praying the stairs leading up to Holy Cross - Immaculata Church. This will be the last year for the stairs though.... they are getting replaced with brand new stairs next year. Using transportation dollars (they are the most trafficed stairs in all of Cincinnati) they will be replaced with 1.5 million worth of concrete and design...

Here is a look at what they'll look like:


Moe's on the Levee

Moe's Burrittos is set to open on Newport on the Levee. It's a welcome addition to the area, and I am sure it will greatly increase my burritto intake as there isn't a buritto joint in Newport.


I'm Back

You didn't think I was gone forever did you? Well I'm back now... no excuses....

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