Wednesday, January 10, 2007


CityBeat Person of the Year Selection - Awesome

Wonderful article today for the annual CityBeat Person of the Year issue. Gavin Leonard, runs the Elementz Hip Hop Youth Arts Center. I wrote an article about him back in Feb. 2005, right after I had first met him.

It's absolutely amazing what he and the others behind Elementz have been able to do in the last two years. Securing funding, a permanent home, and continuing to expand the space and the offerings.

There are some really important points that Greg Flannery brings to light in his article. (it's not yet online or I would link to it). He mentions the aspect of asking what youth want. That is so incredibly important to engaging youth. They have plenty of people at school, at home and elsewhere telling them what to do. IF you provide them with a domain to own, and to really control from concept to implementation, that will be attractive to youth.

Second very important point is that the hip hop youth arts center takes something that is normally hated by main stream, and makes it a positive. Instead of telling them not to rap, not to wear there hat sideways, it treats it as a positive. It puts them in a position where they can be creative, but where they can also take ownership and responsiblity. It's not the sideways hat that makes someone fail, it's the lack of responsibility that is the culprit.

Anyway...I emplore you once again to take a look at what Gavin Leonard is doing in OTR. Visit Elementz, and maybe most importantly, add it to your list of things to support financially in 2007! The single biggest issue in OTR is idle youth on the streets. Elementz gets them off the street on a regular basis and turns their idle minds into creative minds working towards a purpose... that is important!


iWant an iPhone

In case you haven't seen the crush of media about the iPhone announced by Apple yesterday at MacWorld, I thought i'd fill you in.

It's awesome. For the last 2 years I've been saying I'd love to have an iPod phone combo. Not a phone that happens to play mp3s, but an iPod phone. Not only has Apple made that happen, but they've made a device that is revolutionary. The interface and the features are amazing. They come out in June, but I'm sure they will be back-ordered forever. Also of note, is that it is a multi-year exlusive agreement with Cingular. The apple website has more info and some sweet video overviews. Here is a picture for those that haven't seen it yet... it's thinner than a razor.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Who's Your 'Nati

What a great article by Joe Wessels in the Saturday Post. Boy, have I been waiting for this story to be written! And it is all the result of Maggie Van Cantfort of Madisonville, and her love-letter campaign for Cincinnati. I think it's an awesome idea. I composed the letter below and sent it in. I encourage all of you to do the same. It's time the media understands that we don't all hate Cincinnati. We're excited about the city we have today, and even more excited about the city and region we have the potential for. And it's time the media takes note and plays along.

Here is my letter... compose yours and go here to read others and post your own:


Where shall I start. Born here, I had my chances to leave. I left you and spent time in New York City, NY, Portland, ME, Seattle, WA. I've visited all 50 states and found many places I enjoy (some places I even go back to year after year - like Austin, TX). But Cincinnati is the place I love. Why do I love you? Let me count the ways.

You're a big city with a small town feel. You have a huge heart, with Fountain Square beating proudly. You have wonderful neighborhoods, each with a unique character. The diverse and inclusive bohemian neighborhoods for Northside and Clifton. The shopping/entertaining meccas of Hyde Park/Oakley/Norwood. You have seven hills (though I've yet to figure out which of the 7 are 'official'). You have tremendous views from atop Mt. Adams, and a great neighbor across the river in Northern Kentucky.

You have a tremendous arts and music scene, without the big city price tags. From Know Theater to Ensemble Theater to Aronoff to Playhouse in the Park there is no lack of stage productions. The music venues from small (the Comet), to huge (Taft Theater), and everything in between (Southgate House). I could fill a list a mile long of the off-the-beaten path bars and restaurants that are each filled with friendly smiling people. From Mr. Pitiful's in OTR, to Northside Tavern. The celebration of German heritage at the Hofbrahaus. The celebration of eras gone-by at Tropicana.

Boy do I love the food! Give me a three-way (and I'll take it from Skyline, GoldStar, Camp Washington, Dixie or Pleasant Ridge)! WHen I'm finished with that, I might just run down to the boathouse for some ribs, and finish it off with a bowl of Graeter's. But tomorrow, I'll be sure to swing by Dewey's pizza, and then wash it all down with an ice cold Hudy Delight or maybe a Christian Moerline, and I'll do it all while taking in some tunes by Jake Speed and the Freddie's at our oldest bar - Arnold's.

These are just a few things I love about you, Cincinnati! But what I haven't mentioned yet, is why I really love you Cincinnati, it's your citizens! I have found no where that people are so gracious, so friendly. You can rant and rave about southern hospitality all you want, but nowhere have I found people more energetic, more willing to lend a hand and share a laugh. I have a tremendous group of friends and family that also share this love!


Fountain Square Broomball

It begins tonight! I can hardly wait. Brooms of Doom will dominate the TDC (Tyler Davidson Conference) and will be playing for the Cup on Feb. 23rd! We've got a crack team of experienced broomballers (and a few amatuers) ready to take the ice. Though, our first round draft pick Brian "The Rock" Frerichs did take a puck to the face over the weekend while refing hockey, and may be lost to the season. A serious blow to Brooms of Doom.

Our first game is in the opening night prime time slot - 7:30 PM. Stay tuned tomorrow for updates on our victory!

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