Friday, May 18, 2007


Smoking - How It Affects Business

Okay... so the article today in the Enquirer was all about OH smokers going to KY to enjoy the smoke filled establishments, and KY non-smokers (like myself) going to OH bars/restaurants more often.

In that article was an interesting statistic though:

Kentucky’s smoking rate is nearly 29 percent, meaning 71 percent of Kentuckians don’t smoke. Ohio’s smoking rate is just more than 22 percent.

What does this mean... it means that about 22 percent of Cincinnati's population may be interested in going to KY to enjoy a smoke. However, it also means that the opposite is true, 71 percent of KY Non-Smokers are likely to head to OH more often.

So, even if you make the argument that Cincy's population is larger and that perhaps smokers hang out at bars more than non-smokers, it's still VERY clear that the impact should actually be better for OH business. There are more potential clients to market to in KY that don't smoke than there are OH smoking targets for KY business.

NET: I predict that within a year we will see more business at Ohio bars/restaurants than at KY AND, I predict that more KY businesses (especially restaurants) will go smoke-free to compete. I also predict that KY will see a big push for smoke free legislation.



City is Growing

Twice in a year, it has been determined that the Census numbers for Cincinnati are wrong. THe newest information based on a study by Social Compact a non-profit urban analyst, indicates that Cincinnati has 368,868 residents. This is 60,000 more than the original Census study and 37,000 more than the 'revised' numbers from last year.

What does this all mean... it means that there are more people in Cincinnati with more buying power than previously tought. Mayor Mallory is going to Las Vegas armed with this information to the Retail convention to lure new retailers to Cincinnati. First on my list (and hopefully his) is a downtown full-service grocery. Sure would be nice if our own Kroger would step up, but I'd actually prefer a Whole Foods.


Thursday, May 17, 2007


City-Wide Wifi

As a member of the Lily Pad leadership team, community wifi is something near and dear to my heart. When we began Lily Pad a couple years ago, we focused on brining free wifi to public spaces (parks, town squares, business districts). However, there was hope that this offering would spur communities throughout the tri-state to provide community-wide wifi. The time is right for this, and Lily Pad has been involved in some early discussions with the city. The city is being very proactive to it's approach and support of community wifi, and i hope that continues beyond the initial study they are looking to do.

Lily Pad wouldn't be providing this community-wide wifi, but we certainly support it and where possible we'd gladly lend our brand for free wifi to the effort. It would be great for the city, and from some of the presentatios I've seen there are a tremendous number of government uses that can utilize the connectivity.... from monitoring garbage cans in parks, to providing communication networks for fire/police. The reality is that building out this network can actually reduce government costs, making the implementation of the plan very cheap.

I look forward to seeing how this progresses.


Sunday, May 13, 2007


WNKU Acoustic Lunch - Piatt Park

The WNKU acoustic lunch at Piatt Park returns again this spring/summer on Tuesday afternoons. Great lineup of bands... be sure to swing on down and check it out on a couple Tuesdays from 11:30-1:30 PM.

My personal favorites that I hope to make it out to are, July 3, July 24, Aug. 14. I have included a link to myspace/band website where I could find them.

May 15 – Malkum Gibson & The Mighty Juke
May 22 – Mix Machine
May 29 – Iswhat!?
June 5 – Sullivan & Janszen - Cover Band
June 12 – Lane & Sauers
June 19 – Jayne Sachs
June 26 – Bromwell/Diehl
July 3 – Tracy Walker
July 10 – The Flock
July 17 – Disconnected
July 24 – Ma Crow & The Motherpluckers
July 31 – Eric Leyton Band
August 7 – Tupelo Honey
August 14 – Jake Speed & The Freddies
August 21 – Clark & Jones
August 28 – Raison d’Etre
September 4 – Frazier & Goins
September 11 – Troubadours of Divine Bliss
September 18 – Faux Frenchmen
September 25 – Tanner Hill



Know Theater - Fringe Kick-Off - Friday

Know Theater is having an happy hour and live music showcase to kick-off Fringe Festival on Friday May 18th. It will also include an exhibition of photos from art academy students of their experience in Over-the-Rhine.

Free admission from 6-8:30 PM and then $5 admission beginning at 9 PM. They will also have Christian Moerlein's OTR Ale on sale for $1.

Music includes The Newbees in the Underground and Jake Speed & The Freddies starting at 9:30 p.m.


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