Thursday, July 07, 2005


Google Earth

Not to geek out here on tech stuff. But the new google Earth app is amazing. It's very hard to describe, but you start with a view of Earth, you type in an address and it zooms in to the address with satellite view. It's really amazing...

Download it and try it yourself.


Purple People Eater

If the bridge is the purple people bridge, I can only describe Cincinnati's 'gateway' as the Purple People Eater. There has been an 'I-Team' report on the project which apparently cost $400,000 (I'd have to say that I think Give Back Cincinnati could have done this project for about $2,000.).

And today there was an Enquirer report on the the bridge project. Amazing that those bamboo plants cost $11,000, the yellow lines on the ground $6k.

I typically try to be positive about Cincinnati, but anyone who knows me knows that the catastrophe on the Cincinnati side of the bridge is something I've been complaining about since it went up. The best way I can describe it if you haven't seen it is the powers that be planted a Used Car lot on the Cincinnati side of the bridge.

Both the I-team, Mark Mallory's Blog and the Enquirer spend time figuring out whose fault it was. I guess I'm not too interested in that. But it is an example of how hard it is to get things done in Cincinnati. It really is a shame.


Sky Diving Accident and Call to Help

You may have heard about the sky diving accident over the weekend in nearby Richmond, IN. Sean Crossman, 37, a sky diving instructor was killed when his shoot opened unexpectedly and he slammed into a fellow sky diver, Jason Yasuda. Crossman was the father of 2 young children (2 years and 8 months). His family has set up a memorial fund for his children at any 5th/3rd Bank location.

Jason, though not killed in the accident was severly injured. He has extensive injuries, and as is the case all too often these days, he is without medical insurance. Yasuda is the boyfriend of Enquirer Columinst Maggie Downs (the Enquirers resident YP topical writer) who is also an avid sky diver. You will soon be able to go to her blog, Maggie Jumps to donate. But you can also go to the Sky Dive Richmond website and buy any of the 'Richmond Boogies' videos. All proceeds go to pay Jason's medical expenses.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Religious Segregation?

Could there be a more obvious case of religious bias? Pagan's now have to stay on a segregated path on the Purple People Bridge. They opened the new 'Pagan's Path' over the weekend, with signs and all.

Okay, so it has nothing to do with religion, the new dedication is in honor of Wally Pagan, President of Southbank Partners and the man responsible for getting the bridge opened for pedestrian traffic, and renovated.

But it sure is funny... Pagan's Path... Ha!


Blue Ash Arts

I honestly don't know what I think about this. The Arts Association indicates they don't think it would have an impact on the downtown arts venues. But just like I said creating a N. KY 'farmer's market' doesn't make sense when we have treasures in our city like Findlay Market, same applies here. Is there a problem with a Blue Ash arts center? No. I actually think the renderings look pretty good. But I guess I don't understand the city building out an arts venue when there are already an array of amazing venues in the city. The fact of the matter is no one is going to tell someone when they are visiting Florida that they are from 'Blue Ash'. They are going to say I'm from Cincinnati. So why canabalize the city... at some point you are going to kill they city, and then what would Blue Ash be, but a 'Sub-Urb', without the 'Urb'.

But maybe I'm wrong here and the arts center will just bolster the already amazing array of regional arts venues from the Playhouse to Aronoff to CAC to Taft.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


New Car - Toyota Matrix

It's my fourth Toyota, and a half step up from the two corolla's I just had. I'm not much for cars, but I do really like the Matrix. I especially like the fact that I can get two bikes in the back after I fold down the seats. It should really allow me to do more 'real' biking instead of hitting the stationary bike downstairs...


Jeff Berding for Council

I met with Jeff Berding today. The meeting was actually to discuss project Lily Pad, but we also discussed his council campaign. Specifically we discussed his ideas around economic development and buidling excitement about the city. I was genuinely impressed. He has a lot of fresh ideas (something not many other council members seem to put forth). I like his support for a true strong mayor, and council districts.

I encourage everyone to take a look at his campaign, and try to get a chance to chat with him.

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