Friday, March 04, 2005


Cincinnati Discovers Cosmopolitan has an interesting article on the Creative Class in Cincinnati. If nothing else it does a fantastic job of summing up a lot of the great work that is going on in Cincinnati. I've commented on most of it here, but it's a nice concise view of things. This was published in January, but perhaps was written earlier, as one of the festivals it mentions is Jammin' on Main which is now cancelled.

Save Our City lists the article on his blog. While I like the article and it's findings, I do wonder who James Schroder is. The only thing I can find on him is that he is in fact from Cincinnati (based on a book review from Amazon). If anyone knows what his background is in Cincinnati I'd love to know.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


Jammin' on Main Replacement

Well, it probably won't draw 50,000 people, but Neon's and RBC are teaming up to do something for the Main St. district now that Jammin' is cancelled. There will be a 2 day music festival (May 13-14) at the two bars featuring some of the cities best acts:

The Cathedrals, The Sundresses, Ruby Vileos, Cari Clara, Moth, The Stapletons, Culture Queer, Screaming Mimes, Buckra, Star Devils, Wussy and others.


Rudi and TJ

Well, the Bengals called Rudi's bluff (Did anyone really believe he'd sit on the sideline and turn his back on $6 million), and they also signed TJ. I think these moves are good, though I'm a little concerned that they don't have much money to address their issues on the defensive line.. .but I don't want to rain on the parade. It's great news for the Bengals to have the offense in tact and ready to go for 2005/06.


SXSW and My Favorite Cincinnati Band

I am not sure how many people reading this blog will have any idea what South by Southwest is (SXSW). But it's a great music festival in Austin. It's been warped from a festival of unsigned bands to a coming out party for mostly unknown, but signed bands. Never-the-less, it's a pretty big deal to get a gig at SXSW, there are dozens of venues over 5 nights that each have 3-5 bands playing. This year there are a couple Cincinnati Bands on the same ticket. The Heartless Bastards (recently signed to Fat Possum), and The Sundresses (My Favorite Cincinnati Band, still unsigned, but not for long) will be playing at Club De Ville on the same night. Good luck to both bands, and you can catch the Heartless Bastards at Southgate House on Friday night for their CD release before they head to Austin.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Clifton Love

I honestly don't know where I stand on this one. There are four businesses (Arby's, Hardees (which has been boarded up for 2 years), Acropolis and Inn the Wood). It's pretty easy... Arby's and Hardee's can take a hike, they can set up shop anywhere in Clifton, they are looking for the big pay day for sure. Acropolis and Inn the Wood are family owned businesses, that provide character to the area. I would love to see them stay, but at what cost? I'd like to know from Kennedy and Deering if offers have been made to keep those businesses in the area, setting up shop in the new development.

Deering says they are looking for gold, Kennedy says the offers they've given wouldn't let them set up a hot dog stand. Obviously someone is not telling the truth. Overall, there is no question this is good for South Campus. Calhoun Street was dominated by drive thu's and fast food. It was a nasty display of clutter and trash. What will be put in it's place will be visually appealing and a big plus for Clifton Heights and the University. Isn't there a compromise somewhere?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Some Like it Hot - Cuban One World

Hey all.. so we can't vacation there, but we can have a little havanna here in Cincinnati. Tomorrow is the monthly One World Wednesday at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Cuban Food, Caribbean Beer, Salsa Dancing lessons...


Bacchanalian Society Winter Tasting Results

Over 240 teams converged for the Winter Wine Tasting (Shiraz) event a few weeks ago. The result: over $9,000 was raised for the Carnegie Visual & Performing Arts Center in Covington. Take a look at the crowds, and the list of winning wines.

Top Wines:
Charles Shaw
Forest Glenn 01
Bin 55 Wyndam Estate
Jackaroo 2001
Fat Bastard 2002

Worst Wine:
Penrock Station 2001


Cincinnati - Retail Capital of the World

More positive news about the P&G, Gillette, Federated purchases. Cincinnati has an inferiority complex like no other city... well, it's time to feel a little positive. Another story today about the 'Retail Capital of the World'.

Well, okay, it says 'of America', but really I think it should be the world. Here's a great quote:

""No. 1, you have the talent there, and talent is what drives the economies of places these days," White said. "I think Cincinnati has developed that kind of reputation, and it deserves it.""

Perhaps 'brain drain' is over (or at least on the way down), as the talent needed to run these great companies is staying in town, and the 'creative' types that drive brands and marketing should have a thriving market if we sieze on the opportunity to keep the work in town instead of having them go to NYC to get the marketing companies.

And what a great surprise that many of these creative types, young professionals will find when they come to town for jobs with these companies to find all the amazing architecture in OTR and Downtown, and the prices that are amazingly low! (And of course they're welcome across the river in my neighborhood in Newport as well!)

Monday, February 28, 2005


Police Search Underwear and Find Crack

I couldn't resist... of course they did...right?

Nick Spencer has his thoughts on the story, and the unbelievably bad parenting.


BarrelHouse No More

In an abrupt move (they they announced the brewery was up for sale for weeks), Barrelhouse owners today announced the bar/brewery had been sold, and would close after one final party this evening. And I didn't even see this until late this evening, so I didn't get to go up for one final pint and pizza! Damn!

They will be missed. Nice to see the beer stays in Cincinnati, and will continue to be sold under the BarrelHouse name, but that's bitter sweet with the loss of this great bar/live music venue. And it looks like they gave the 1st floor lease to the art academy, so there will be no replacement bar/restaurant, since the Art Academy went to court earlier to try to get ownership of the space.


2005 Democratic Mayoral Candidate Forum

Well, looks like Alicia Reece is official in the race since her name is on the list of candidates for the upcoming Hamilton County Democratic Forum Mayoral Candidates Session. Here are the details, come out and find out more about the candidates that could lead this fine city for the next 4 years!

"Thursday, March 10th at 7:00 pm, 20th Century Theatre, 3021 Madison Road, Oakley Square

The Hamilton Councty Democratic Forum presents a Mayoral Candidates Forum with David Pepper, Mark Mallory, and Alicia Reece. At this Forum, each candidate will give a brief address of their vision for Building the Democratic Party and Strengthening the City of Cincinnati. Following, each will respond to questions from a panel representing this area's democratic groups. After this Q & A session with the panel, there will be an open floor microphone to field questions from the audience. "


Cincinnati Keeps On Buying

P&G Buys Gillette ($57 Billion), Chiquita Buys Fresh Express ($855 Million), Federated Buys May Dept. Stores ($11 Billion). And that was just in the last 30 days.

Looks like the corporate structure is alive and kicking in Cincinnati. The P&G acquistion (if approved by regulators) would mean jobs for Cincinnati. The jury is still out on what the Chiquita and Federated moves mean for jobs, but since both are headquartered downtown, one would think at least marginal job opportunities. All in all I think it's great for the city, and hopefully we keep seeing this kind of growth!



I watched last night... mostly because it's become an event for friends of my wife and I. I'd have to say if it weren't for the annual party, I likely wouldn't even watch, but it's fun. The only 'Best Picture' movie I've seen this year is Finding Neverland (and i just saw that on Thursday). I'd like to see Aviator and Ray. Sideways (heard awful reviews) and Million Dollar Baby don't really interest me.

Chris Rock was great. Sean Penn needs to figure out what a joke is. And what was up with Beyonce singing 3 of the songs that were up for Oscars? What the songs were good enough to be nominated for an Oscar, but not good enough for their performers to do the songs themselves? That was very strange to me... would be like at the grammy's having Paul McCartney singing a Black-Eyed Peas song because he sings better...


Elementz - Cincinnati Hip Hop Youth Center

Want to meet someone REALLY making a difference? Someone who isn't interested in hearing about what should be, but instead is out there doing it? Go to Elementz in Over-the-Rhine, and meet Gavin Leonard. This young man has spent the last 18 months of his life, sweating and bleeding, begging and lifting to make his dream a reality.

Elementz: Hip Hop Youth Arts Center opened on Feb. 24th. It will be open to OTR youth every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-10 PM. What is it? It's a safe place for urban youth, and a place where they can do things they are passionate about. As it states on their website:

"Young People ages 14-24 are one of the most untapped resources, and we will provide an outlet for their expression that is a needed alternative to violence."

What a fantastic idea. Create a place that is safe, that requires respect, and a place that allows them to show their energy, creativity, love through expressions in art, hip/hop, rap, etc. Great luck to Gavin in all he is doing.

They have a matching grant from Greater Cincinnati Foundation, so make a donation to them that will be matched. Or volunteer, or just go visit!

View of First Day on the Job:

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