Friday, November 04, 2005


Mayoral and Council Endorsement

What does a Joe Hansbauer Endorsement mean? I suppose very little... perhaps about as much as some of the various PACs that toss out their endorsements. It's likely not to tip an election, but hopefully of the hundred or so people that might read this today, it'll be a one stop shop for finding out more about candidates, websites, etc.

Details Below, but here is the summary:
Mayor: David Pepper
Incumbents: Cole, Cranley, Crowley, Monzel, Tarbell
Challengers: Berding, Bortz, Eby, Spencer (Thomas would be great as well).

David Pepper - This one is easy for me. I like details, and Mr. Pepper has a 150+ page plan on his website of what he proposes be done about some of Cincinnati's most important issues, from safety to neighborhood developement, to youth development and education. The only specific plan I heard Mallory put forth was a plan to have the mayor take control of the school board. A plan he backed off of when pressured. Compromise is good, but sometimes leadership requires taking an unpopular position. I think Pepper has the guts to do that, I don't think Mallory does.

Where to start... with 31 council candidates it's a free for all. 9 will make the cut, 22 go back to their day jobs. There are 7 incumbents (Pepper and Reese can't run as they tried for mayor). Let's take a quick look at those:

Laketa Cole (D): IN: She has never impressed me with her speaking ability, but she has broad support, and focus on pubic safety and neighborhood development are the right place.

John Cranley (D): IN: Name recognition key here. Not much substance on the website, and the fact that you click on priorities and get endorsements, and click on endorsements and get priorities, really annoys me.

David Crowley (D): IN: Can you really vote against this elder statesman who owns a great Irish Tavern in Mt. Adams? Focus on basic services..Jobs, Budget, Public Works.

Sam Malone (R): OUT: Innocent until proven guilty, sure. But not in politics. You can't get arrested for beating your kid and expect to get elected.

Chris Monzel (R): IN: Barely. Never elected to council, but appointed to an open seat twice. Best hope is that candidates focused on safety will make it in. Supported by FOP.

Chris Smitherman (C): OUT: Fool me once...yada yada. He ran on reconciliation, and then spent 2 years making inflammatory remarks in the newspaper. There are too many good candidates runnig for him to make it.

Jim Tarbell (C): IN: Probably top vote-getter. General all around great guy and city mascot. If you aren't planning to vote for Jim, I'd suggest you stay home.

5 In, 2 Out, 2 Can't run... that leaves us with 24 candidates and 4 spots. I am going to quickly list the candidates that I am not even going to bother talking about as they have no real shot of winning (My Opinion Only) (Bill Barron, Bennie Green, Antonio Hodge, Gerry Kraus, William Matthews, Paul McGhee, Ishaq Nadir, Michael Patton, Victor Phillips, Ronnie Stallworth, Curtis Wells, Robert Wilking, Eric Wilson, Robert Wilson).

That leaves us with 10 Candidates... 4 Spots. Here they are:

Jeff Berding (D): IN: Lead campaign to get strong mayor form of government on the ballot, has money and business connections, and will lead the charge to introduce district representation on Council. Other than Tarbell, he is the candidate I'd most like to see on council.

Eve Bolton (D): Out: Has a lot of 'nice' ideas, but a little to fuzzy for me.

Chris Bortz (C): IN: Great name recognition, and money to spare. But also has great ideas on government as a provider of basic services. Would team up well with Berding.

John Eby: (R): IN: Westside Republican in every way. Will bring some accountability to city Hall, and curb spending. Would team with Chris Bortz well to focus on basic city services.

Leslie Ghiz (R): OUT: Running as a republican, but without the base support. Running as a republican in city government is tough, and if you can't excite your base you're likely not going to win.

Samantha Herd (D): OUT: Luken's staffer. Great administrator, but people just don't know who she is. Too many other great candidates for her to make it. Great website name

Damon Lynch III (D): OUT: Honestly I don't think he ran as hard in 2005 as he did in 2003, and he started much earlier. I've said it before, I think he has some great ideas (African Quarter), but I can't suggest voting for someone for city council that 4 years earlier was leading a boycott against the city. Perhaps the right intention, but the wrong tool, and he won't indicate that it was a mistake. (Can't find his council website).

Nick Spencer (C): IN: Okay, I am breaking down and doing it. He believes in nearly all the same things I do. Urban Redevelopment, Safety, Job Creation (focused on attracting Young Professionals). I just don't like his method. Too much flare, too negitive. If he was elected I think it would be a good thing for the city, assuming he kept his ego in check. He will team well with Berding, Bortz, Tarbell.

Cecil Thomas (D): OUT: Close call between Thomas and Spencer. Thomas spent 27 years as a police officer, and served on the Human Relations Commission. If anyone is qualified to better police/community relations it's Cecil. He would be great for council.

Wendell Young (D): OUT: Can't find website, don't know a lot about Wendell.


Stop 'Antics' - I Vote to End Paul Daugherty

I typically read Mr. Daugherty about 3 times a week. Usually without fail his articles annoy me. Today's is especially stupid. It's the idiotic prohibition argument. Someone Drunk has done something stupid, let's ban all people from drinking beer. I'm pretty sure we've tried that before (early 1900's), didn't work out so well. I would be willing to guess out of the 65,000 people at a Bengals game that less than half are drunk (that is generous too, I bet it's much lower). Whatever the actual number of drinking and drunk people there is at the game (it's definitely more than 10,000), I would venture to guess that the number of people actually arrested or even kicked out of the game is less than a half dozen. It's your typical over-reaction to a problem.

I recently got back from a trip with Habitat for Humanity to Ecuador. While there, we were able to get tickets to the world cup qualifying game between Ecuador and Uruguay. I won't go into details, but let me tell you the event was general seating, the place held about 30,000, and they sold more than 40,000 tickets to the game. There were fights in the stands, bottle rockets being fired from the seats, and open fire (in the form of car flares) thoughout the crowd. Inside and outside the stadium were bands of gypsies roaming around bumping into people and picking their pockets (our group of 12 lost 2 cameras). I suggest Mr. Daugherty try a sporting event like that and then discuss with me the 'problems with the antics of Bengal fans'.... hell, just go up to Cleveland for a game. The Bengals games are kindergarten in comparison.

Monday, October 31, 2005


Greatest Bengals Fan Ever

I wouldn't normally condone illegal behavior, but when you can charge the field, and steal a ball from one of the greatest quarterbacks off all time.... all bets are off. Only thing greater would have been if he had actually made it to the end zone. Click the picture above to see the video and watch Greg Gall in all his glory.

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