Monday, March 26, 2007


Good News for Ovation

Ovation (the 600 Billion+ development) on the Newport Riverfront (where housing projects sat before being torn down this winter) got a big boost when Gov. Fletcher signed a TIF (tax increment financing) deal into law.

It is great news for the project, and it allows some of the taxes generated from the development to be used to pay off infrastructure for the project (streets, parking garages, etc).

However, a comment from Rep. Dennis Keene is enough to ensure that if I were ever in a position to vote for/against him it would be a resounding 'no'.

Here is his comment:

"It shows that Northern Kentuckians are committed and get things done, while our friends on the other side of the river (Cincinnati) struggle because they can't cooperate."

Why is this ignorant?

1) Cincinnati already has TIF laws in place. Part of the argument for TIF was that both other KY cities (Louisville for one), and CINCINNATI had these laws and it made it hard to compete.

2) What the hell does Cincinnati have to do with this project. Taking jabs like this is the 'little brother' syndrome of having to attack someone else to make yourself feel better. Why not just celebrate the success you have

3) In the time that Newport has built a shopping mall (with no stores) and a movie theater (aka Newport on the Levee), Cincinnati has built a professional football stadium, professional baseball stadium, a major museum (NURFC), a reconstructed highway (fort washington way), and the Contemporary Arts Center. Get off your high horse!

4) Cincinnati/NKY wins only as a region. We will not be able to compete with other urban areas unless we are moving forward in the same direction.

Thanks for letting me blow off some steam. Dennis Keene is an idiot (for the record). Also for the record, I live in Newport.

I think #4 is the biggest problem with this area right now. NKY and the Ohio suburbs are against the city in so many ways. Only when the region starts working together will it move forward.

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