Monday, February 28, 2005


Elementz - Cincinnati Hip Hop Youth Center

Want to meet someone REALLY making a difference? Someone who isn't interested in hearing about what should be, but instead is out there doing it? Go to Elementz in Over-the-Rhine, and meet Gavin Leonard. This young man has spent the last 18 months of his life, sweating and bleeding, begging and lifting to make his dream a reality.

Elementz: Hip Hop Youth Arts Center opened on Feb. 24th. It will be open to OTR youth every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-10 PM. What is it? It's a safe place for urban youth, and a place where they can do things they are passionate about. As it states on their website:

"Young People ages 14-24 are one of the most untapped resources, and we will provide an outlet for their expression that is a needed alternative to violence."

What a fantastic idea. Create a place that is safe, that requires respect, and a place that allows them to show their energy, creativity, love through expressions in art, hip/hop, rap, etc. Great luck to Gavin in all he is doing.

They have a matching grant from Greater Cincinnati Foundation, so make a donation to them that will be matched. Or volunteer, or just go visit!

View of First Day on the Job:

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