Monday, February 28, 2005



I watched last night... mostly because it's become an event for friends of my wife and I. I'd have to say if it weren't for the annual party, I likely wouldn't even watch, but it's fun. The only 'Best Picture' movie I've seen this year is Finding Neverland (and i just saw that on Thursday). I'd like to see Aviator and Ray. Sideways (heard awful reviews) and Million Dollar Baby don't really interest me.

Chris Rock was great. Sean Penn needs to figure out what a joke is. And what was up with Beyonce singing 3 of the songs that were up for Oscars? What the songs were good enough to be nominated for an Oscar, but not good enough for their performers to do the songs themselves? That was very strange to me... would be like at the grammy's having Paul McCartney singing a Black-Eyed Peas song because he sings better...

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