Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Clifton Love

I honestly don't know where I stand on this one. There are four businesses (Arby's, Hardees (which has been boarded up for 2 years), Acropolis and Inn the Wood). It's pretty easy... Arby's and Hardee's can take a hike, they can set up shop anywhere in Clifton, they are looking for the big pay day for sure. Acropolis and Inn the Wood are family owned businesses, that provide character to the area. I would love to see them stay, but at what cost? I'd like to know from Kennedy and Deering if offers have been made to keep those businesses in the area, setting up shop in the new development.

Deering says they are looking for gold, Kennedy says the offers they've given wouldn't let them set up a hot dog stand. Obviously someone is not telling the truth. Overall, there is no question this is good for South Campus. Calhoun Street was dominated by drive thu's and fast food. It was a nasty display of clutter and trash. What will be put in it's place will be visually appealing and a big plus for Clifton Heights and the University. Isn't there a compromise somewhere?

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