Thursday, May 17, 2007


City-Wide Wifi

As a member of the Lily Pad leadership team, community wifi is something near and dear to my heart. When we began Lily Pad a couple years ago, we focused on brining free wifi to public spaces (parks, town squares, business districts). However, there was hope that this offering would spur communities throughout the tri-state to provide community-wide wifi. The time is right for this, and Lily Pad has been involved in some early discussions with the city. The city is being very proactive to it's approach and support of community wifi, and i hope that continues beyond the initial study they are looking to do.

Lily Pad wouldn't be providing this community-wide wifi, but we certainly support it and where possible we'd gladly lend our brand for free wifi to the effort. It would be great for the city, and from some of the presentatios I've seen there are a tremendous number of government uses that can utilize the connectivity.... from monitoring garbage cans in parks, to providing communication networks for fire/police. The reality is that building out this network can actually reduce government costs, making the implementation of the plan very cheap.

I look forward to seeing how this progresses.


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