Friday, May 18, 2007


City is Growing

Twice in a year, it has been determined that the Census numbers for Cincinnati are wrong. THe newest information based on a study by Social Compact a non-profit urban analyst, indicates that Cincinnati has 368,868 residents. This is 60,000 more than the original Census study and 37,000 more than the 'revised' numbers from last year.

What does this all mean... it means that there are more people in Cincinnati with more buying power than previously tought. Mayor Mallory is going to Las Vegas armed with this information to the Retail convention to lure new retailers to Cincinnati. First on my list (and hopefully his) is a downtown full-service grocery. Sure would be nice if our own Kroger would step up, but I'd actually prefer a Whole Foods.


Why Whole Foods? Everything that is worth buying at whole foods (meats, fish, quality rices and grains) is available at Findlay market, same quality, less money. Everything else, stuff which will certainly be more expensive at whole foods, would be available at a Kroger (where it would be cheaper).
Wal-Mart would be a great addition to the downtown area. It has regular merchandise and groceries.
I think the real answer is that Cincinnati needs to get people that can count accurately.
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