Friday, May 18, 2007


Smoking - How It Affects Business

Okay... so the article today in the Enquirer was all about OH smokers going to KY to enjoy the smoke filled establishments, and KY non-smokers (like myself) going to OH bars/restaurants more often.

In that article was an interesting statistic though:

Kentucky’s smoking rate is nearly 29 percent, meaning 71 percent of Kentuckians don’t smoke. Ohio’s smoking rate is just more than 22 percent.

What does this mean... it means that about 22 percent of Cincinnati's population may be interested in going to KY to enjoy a smoke. However, it also means that the opposite is true, 71 percent of KY Non-Smokers are likely to head to OH more often.

So, even if you make the argument that Cincy's population is larger and that perhaps smokers hang out at bars more than non-smokers, it's still VERY clear that the impact should actually be better for OH business. There are more potential clients to market to in KY that don't smoke than there are OH smoking targets for KY business.

NET: I predict that within a year we will see more business at Ohio bars/restaurants than at KY AND, I predict that more KY businesses (especially restaurants) will go smoke-free to compete. I also predict that KY will see a big push for smoke free legislation.


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Nice addition to the ongoing dialogue.
I'm with ya.
Huh? Most of Ohio is not near Kentucky.
I suppose that does make sense, Joe. Also, I believe the data on other cities that have enacted smoking bans showed that business usually increased a little.
I wish I could give you some comparative statistics from out East. I just haven't seen any yet. DC went smoke free in January, but Northern VA is not. For me, who still smokes, it doesn't really factor into my decisions - more important are other factors such as location, events, music, etc. So I don't go to DC more, or stay in VA more - it's just not that important. I suspect I'm not the only smoker who feels that way, either here or there. I'm willing to bet (if you're taking them) that KY bars won't report much loss of business, but Cincy bars, collectively, could have a better year. Of course, there are always many, many other factors at play...
I'm trying to boycott Northern Kentucky restaurants and bars with smoking.
OK, Here we go...SO,,,BIG DEAL Now it's law! But let me remind you of one detail your over looking? Wont it be something to see a person arrested for this ridiculous law? Wont that be something? "Hey joe whatya in for?" Smoking. LOL What a joke. They don't even do this crap in Russia! What is this thing with trying to criminalize smoking?

Let me tell you something, when was the last time Ch.5 NEWS reported this on TV..."Today in the tri-state news, a driver of a van crossed left of center and killed a family of 3, invovloed was a 3 month old baby, Police report the driver of the van was over come by his Camel Cigarette, All died at the scene!"

HOW STUPID ARE YOU PEOPLE? Better start out lawing alcohol too! A man today beat his wife to death-
the incident was triggered by his cigarette habit.

Still reading this? GOOD because I'm offended by the smell of Alcohol! I wont go to a game or bar because of the smell of Drinks. Yeah, It's fine to get stoned, drink and kill someone...but what ever you do...JUST DON'T LIGHT UP!
God my father, help this counrty USA...United Socialist of America. Yours truly Grizz.
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