Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Madison Theater Under New Management

Good news here. I always thought the Madison Theater was a great venue after they completely rehabbed it in 2001. But they never seemed to have a clear objective on their audience. One night would be a metal band, the next a wrestling event, and then the next would be some folky singer/song writer. Didn't ever make any sense.

Well now they have new management, and it's Charles Attal Presents from Austin. Attal and his CAP outfit book the acts at Stubb's BBQ in Austin, an amazing venue. Attal is also the brainchild behind the Austin City Limits Music Festival talent booking. So CAP in conjunction with House of Blues will now be booking acts at the Madison Theater. This should give the area another option for out of town acts besides the Clear Channel dominated boxes around town like Bogart's. Stay tuned to see how the bookings turn out.

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