Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Pepper Officially Joins Mayoral Race

While he announced he'd be running 5 months ago when Mr. Charlie decided to step out of the way, yesterday was the official campaign kick off for David Pepper. There'll be plenty to talk about in 2005 about the Mayoral and Council races (even though I don't get to vote, since I live in KY). I'm not officially endorsing any candidate, but I think Mr. Pepper's campaign kick off indicates that his priority is in the right place. He's focused on crime and was the organizer behind using the $2 million windfall the city recieved over a year ago to create the "Safe and Clean Neighborhood Fund." It will be interesting to see the entire campaign platform when released. The only other major candidate officially in the race currently is State Senator Mark Mallory (both he and David are Democrats).

Full Disclosure: David Pepper is a member of the Give Back Cincinnati Advisory Board, and has been a strong supporter of the organization since it's inception. He's been a big supporter of engaging the young 'creative class', and is one of the few council members who I've seen around town at events catered towards that crowd.

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