Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Riverfront Project in Northern KY Benefits Ohio?

What... how can this be... a project proposed in NKY isn't seen as a loss to Ohio, but rather a possible boost to the state? Now that's the kind of talk I like to see:

Ohioans also would benefit, particularly if Cincinnati's proposed 24-hour urban neighborhood, The Banks, is built between Paul Brown Stadium and Great American Ball Park.

"We'll have good connections with the stadiums" and also with the Banks project, if and when it happens, Pagan said. "That'd be very important to us. But we'll have something in place that we can be proud of, that's going to be a good complement to what's potentially going to go on the Ohio side."

One thing that jumped out at me, was a proposed decommissioned nuclear submarine that would become a Naval Museum. Interesting concept to me, and something that I think fits in with the Aquarium family attraction of NKY. Of course, I've heard it before with the USS Cincinnati that didn't pan out, I am guessing this is the same group that is trying to get the sub here.

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