Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Montessori Craze

Well.. my wife is a Montessori teacher, so I fully support the Montessori experience... but damn, what's up with these parents? Sleeping over night in January in Cininnati. It's 10 degrees out. Not sure if this is an expression of the value of Montessori education, the poor performance of the non-magnet CPS schools or a combination of both. Seems to be if it's that successful, and that popular, you'd open more schools that utilize the methodology.

i dont know what it says about cps and their non-magnet schools. i am really interested in how many spots there were available versus how many families camped out for the spots.
also, i know that they take into consideration your gender and race for the spots at these schools, so maybe that has something to do with it.
i would guess tht most of the people camping out for spots are doing so because they recognize the educational differences between montessori programs and traditional programs. i think i would be a little crazed too if i knew my child's beginning school experience depended on it.
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