Monday, April 16, 2007


More Newport Cool

This is a refreshing approach to 'those troublesome youngins'. Obviously the approach is still finding somewhere to heard the skaters, but I like that the approach is both to find something positive for them to do AND it's actively engaging some of them to help plan the park.

Newport has announced the beginning of a skate park under I-471. It's only a couple blocks away from my house, but I don't think I'll be buying a board and knee pads anytime soon. I am pretty sure I've passed my skateboarding prime :)

It's cool that they are getting it started, and have even grander plans for the park in the future. I hope they are able to find and/or raise the funds to bring about it's full plan.

So, you're on the KY side of the Nati. My husband had to take a temp job in the Cinti area while a transfer was being sought and we rented him an apt. next to the Aquarium. I loved Newport. Absolutely loved it. (I only had to be there on week-ends! But, I'm certain I would have loved it otherwise. Great town to photograph)
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