Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Lily Pad Wins Airport!

Huge win today for Project Lily Pad. Lily Pad was awarded the contract to provide free wifi at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport at all locations not already covered by a pay service by T-Mobile. Lily Pad free-wifi will be at the ticketing, baggage claim, Terminal 2 and Comair sections of the airport.

The original Request for Proposal (RFP) that went out did not have a requirement that service be provided for free. In part due to the response provided by Lily Pad for free service, the airport scrapped the process and started over with a Free-Based RFP. Lily Pad competed with some major regional and national providers in this process and still was able to provide a convincing argument for our model and the support of this community.

It's truly awesome that we were able to win this contract. I believe there is already an article in the Cincinnati Post, and there is likely to be quite a bit more press on this. It is a huge step for us as we enter the spring/summer months and begin to get signficantly more interest in the project in our community..... stay tuned for additional announcements in the near future about some major partnerships!

Kudo's that a big win for Lilypad!

You guys rock! This will certainly be a trendsetter for the other airports that do not provide WI-FI to their patrons.
Congrats, Joe. I was stuck at the airport before a delayed flight in the fall, and was furious that I had to pay for wi-fi AND that the signal was so weak in the Delta terminal that I couldn't even download email.
Awesome news Joe! I flew 68,000 miles last year and wished for a long time that CVG offered free WiFi. I was surprised to find out that they even charge you for WiFi in the Delta Crown Room.
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