Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Main Street Renaissance?

I commented on the Post Article from back in March that indicated the current owner of the Exchange (Paul Yankie), was looking to lead an investment group to purchase several of the recently scuttled bars in the Main Street area and re-work them.

I've begun hearing rumblings that this may be nearly a done deal, and that Jefferson Hall, RBC, Japp's and Harry's will all be open (under new names and concepts) as soon as July 1st. It's still a believe-it-when-I-see-it stage, but it's at least clear this is still in the works. It would be great if those places could be re-opened along with plans for Mixx (old Jump), Jardin (old Neon's), Below Zero (old Alcehmize), and Ocho Rios (old Club Clau).

This would result in Main Street having it's largest collection of bars and restaurants operating since it's heyday.


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