Wednesday, August 24, 2005


More Condos in NKY

And the boom continues. If projects at Park Avenue, Harbor Greene, The Ascent, and others weren't an indication that people (especially empty-nesters) are re-discovering the benefits of Urban Living this new project in Newport certainly is. An astounding plan of 3 towers of residential and more than 200 condos. Early renderings of SouthShore (above) look great, but someone better get a shovel out soon and fix the 471 ramp. When these are done the traffic is just going to get worse. That's not a complaint, just a fact... and they are working on it, so I am hopeful that progress will be made before these come online.

I'd say they look pretty good. Really, anything that results in more people in the central basin rather than continued sprawl is a generally a good thing. My main problem with them is that (at least with the Park Avenue and SouthShore) they clearly have car-oriented entrances, rather than promoting pedestrian urban neighrborhoods that could put a greater demand on and promote better mass transit systems that we greatly need for both sides of the river.

Obviously the need to have parking garages, but putting retail (including grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants and hardware stores) on the ground floor of buildings like these can have the greatest impact on people feeling less dependent on their cars, which decreases traffic problems in the region as a whole.

Not that I'm blaming these towers for the problem, rather, I would be hopeful that they could and should be a catalyst for the solution.
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