Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Doin' the Huggs Wrong

I'm sorry, say what you will about Coach Huggins, but Nancy Zimpher could not have handled this entire situation any worse. If she wanted him gone, the time was when he made his mistake. He was punished and served his time. She offered him a choice to continue the final 2 years on his contract or resign, and he stayed on. To fire him 2 months before the season starts is sick, wrong and flat out bullshit.

The Cincinnati Bearcats are joining the Big East this year for one reason and one reason only... Bob Huggins. To think anything else is crazy. It will mean higher enrollement, and big money for the University and Coach Huggins deserves to be the coach. UC will not get money from me for sporting events or through Alumni donation in the future.

I just heard on 1360 Homer that the Gregory's (owners of the Montgomery Inn) will be pulling all financial contributions including the radio shows being broadcast after football and basketball games and will now invest in Xavier. This is just the tip of the iceberg and Nancy and her staff are in for a RUDE awakening of how passionate the fans of Cincinnati are with their sports.

I agree Joe ... horrible move for PR, fundraising and not to mention all of the kids that signed to play for Huggins.

Da' Lynchmob
Good riddance Bob Huggins. The item was debated on ESPN's "Around the Horn" and three out of four called his career unsuccessful.

"But Andrew, we've been to the tournament 14 years in a row."

Yes, but as ATH pointed out, 10 out of 14 times we were eliminated in the first round. He's not worth the problems. Maybe UC will not be ESPN Magazines most hateable team this year.
I think the matter of how Zimpher handled the situation is a minor issue compared to the real issue, which is that Huggins created this situation, and he has to deal with it like an adult.

And so should his fans. They're like little children who lose a toy and scream because they can't get over it. Huggins is not irreplaceable. This is the difference between sports fans and sports lovers.

Fans just drink beer and want to see "their team" win. To sports lovers, basketball is an art and Huggins lessens it. We know UC can do better and instead of whining about how I hate you and I'll never be your friend again, we accept the situation and want to help UC remain competitive.

If you truly care about UC, you'll be part of the solution and not part of the problem.
I agree with Joe. I bet Huggs ends up with another Big East team and comes in to kick UC ass. I got an idea, lets bring back Tony Yates. Does anyone remember what it was like before Huggs? I hope the ticket sales go to zip, the donations dry up, and Zimpher leaves on the broom she used to fly in. What a stupid situation driven by a woman who certainly has a lot more to do at UC than fix the basketball program. She acted like it was her arrival that got UC in the Big East instead of Huggins.
Sorry Joe, but I couldn't disagree more. As I just posted on Brian's blog, the reaction to this from Bearcat fans -- check out Bearcatnews.com -- is embarrassing and typical of everything that is wrong with Cincinnati. Note the owners of Montgomery Inn and Joseph-Beth Books crying about taking their money and toys elsewhere. Let's support a thug coach over a progressive university president. How Cincinnati.

Huggins needed to go and I applaud Dr. Zimpher for having the stones to make the move. It could've been handled better, for sure, but it looks like the university tried to offer a genuine olive branch and Huggins tried to stick it to them.

As for comments that Huggins *is* the UC program, the irony is rich. UC fans want to claim that the program can stand with UK, Duke, UNC, etc. But those programs survive coaching changes -- the program is bigger than any one individual. UC fans, however, are convinced that the program will suck without Huggins. Nice faith.

Screw him. Good riddance.
Dave... I respect your opinion, but I think you are missing my point. I am not a Huggin's lover, I think he's made some mistakes and most of all I am disappointed that the team can't seem to get over the 2nd round hump in the NCAA.

However, my point is that the situation has been handled miserably. Do I think there is no other coach that can win for UC? No... that would be crazy to say. However, the Bearcats are joining the most difficult basketball conference in the country, and they will be doing it with a coach that is interim. That is not a good move. It's also going to hurt recruiting.

I am sure the response will be, but this is a University. That is true, but I can tell you right now, the Business College at UC is not requiring a 4.0 and a 1500 on the SAT to get in... far from it. There are dozens of other departments that have low admission standards... not to mention, is there something better about being a masterful musician than there is about being a masterful basketball player? Does anyone check the math scores of thoes being admitted to CCM? No...because you don't have to be a math genius to be gifted in arts. Just the same, I didn't have to pass a music aptitude test to get admitted to the Engineering College... I had to know Calculus, but not a C-Chord.

Point? Well, there should be academic standards for all students in the University, but there also must be a recognition that this is a PUBLIC university that admits all kinds of students of varying academic standards. Don't crucify Huggins because he's recruited and tried to give a second chance to some of the most disadvantaged children in our country... crucify him because he's recrutied them and lost in the 2nd round of the NCAA.
Notre Dame decided to change their requirements for incoming football players and coach Holtz told them if they did he would leave. They did, he left. His point was a single institution cannot change NCAA standards and have a prayer of being competitive, even Notre Dame football. His point has been proven very effectively since he left. I agree with Joe in that I think Zimphy should have raised all the standards across the board for all incoming student no matter the race or creed, while leaving sports where they were. When UC was recognized by any reasonable review on par with whatever standards she thinks she is aiming at, then start working on the sports areas. With this recognition, you have a better opportunity to recruit higher caliber of player. But even then, why should you if your competition is taking in folks with poor scores. Every other sport at UC will suffer because of the huge loss in revenue of their cash cow. What has she accomplished other than making an ass out of herself on national media. She should get the other university presidents that feel this way and go to the NCAA and force across the board changes.
I agree with lynchmob's last sentence.
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