Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Underground Railroad Goes Above Ground - And on Bike

New Trail in the works to trace some of the routes of the underground railroad and visit sites historically releveant to the Underground Railroad. It's definitely an interesting concept, and should make for a wonderful 2,000 mile bike adventure. The route will go from Mobile, Ala., to Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, with significant highlights for our region as the site of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Not to mention the hundreds of local sites in the area that were part of the network of freedom.

I love the idea. I guess I'm kind of a travel history buff; I like traveling through the mid-Atlantic and New England states and visiting the historical sites along the way. But it always seemed like the real history was out east. So I'm excited that someone has thought of a creative way to take memorialize and promote this significant part of history.
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