Wednesday, January 10, 2007


iWant an iPhone

In case you haven't seen the crush of media about the iPhone announced by Apple yesterday at MacWorld, I thought i'd fill you in.

It's awesome. For the last 2 years I've been saying I'd love to have an iPod phone combo. Not a phone that happens to play mp3s, but an iPod phone. Not only has Apple made that happen, but they've made a device that is revolutionary. The interface and the features are amazing. They come out in June, but I'm sure they will be back-ordered forever. Also of note, is that it is a multi-year exlusive agreement with Cingular. The apple website has more info and some sweet video overviews. Here is a picture for those that haven't seen it yet... it's thinner than a razor.

iWant one too. I do wish it had GPS and 3G though. But I need a new phone NOW, June is almost too far away...
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