Monday, August 06, 2007


Development in the Last Few Months

So, while I've been relaxing there sure has been all kinds of development occuring downtown and around the city... here are some highlights:

- Cadillac Ranch - Opened on the back of Fountain Square across from CAC. A little cheesy and not really my scene, but they did a great job with the outdoor seating area.

- Lodge Bar - Opened up next to McFadden's. Great little bar, and great to work with, have already had two parties there for Katrina and Give Back.

- Nada - The owner of Boca is opening an 'upscale' Mexican restaurant in the Old Bella space across from CAC.

- Boi Na Braza and Morton's - Both opened at the corner of 5th and Vine, and Boi Na Braza is amazing, a bit pricey but really awesome.

- Graeter's - Opened on Monmouth a block up from the Levee and will be soon open on the square.

- Steamboat Bagels - About ready to open on Foutain Square.

There are SOOOO many more around town, but downtown is really turning the corner... great to see!

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Hopefully the development trend continues, as there are still some places/things that need improved. With any luck we can be talking about things like street cars and The Banks and really get this city climbing the stairs.

And it's good to have you "back," sounds like it was a busy summer indeed.
If you love "Mexican/American" food, Nada = Awesome!
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