Thursday, March 08, 2007


Bagel Shop - Newport

Steamboat Bagels will open on Monmouth Street a block away from the levee next month. It will sit in between the Dry Cleaners, and the planned Greater's on Monmouth.

I thought about opening a bagel shop on Monmouth about a year ago, but realized I had no idea how to make bagels...

Anyway, this is directly on my route to work, so I am guessing I'll be a regular at Steamboat.

Side Note - Arthur Leech is also opening Restaurant Mandolin on the 600 block of York St in Newport this summer.

Funny aside - thought this was amusing... "The city introduced Leech to Tom Robertson, who owned a four-story building in the 1880s with a large available first-floor space". If that dude owned a building in the 1880s he must be like 150 years old, someone call Guiness Book of World Records.

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Cool news, Joe, thanks. Years ago, Amy looked into opening a soup-and-sandwich shop on Monmouth, with bicycle delivery (hello, Reser!). The area needs way more places like this.
Earlier Potbelly and Starbucks were have said to also be relocating to the square. Do you know if this is still the case? There is still quite a bit of room in the corner between Rock Bottom anad the new Graeters.
I have been trying to locate Chef Arthur Leech since he left Jackson Wy. I run an organic produce operation and working with Arthur was a pleasure and very educational. Is the Mandolin Restaurant where I would find him?
He is at Atria Senior Living, in Crestview Hills, KY
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