Monday, September 12, 2005


Vote - Tomorrow

As many of you hopefully know, the Cincinnati Mayoral Primary is this Tuesday, September 13th. The 2005 Mayoral Election is critical for Cincinnati! More than anything I want you all to take part in this process and exercise your right to vote. Unlike a traditional primary, September 13th is open and non-partisan - everyone votes, and voters can vote across party lines without changing their party registration. You can vote for only ONE candidate, with the top two vote-getters advancing for a head to head run for mayor during the November elections.

To find your polling location, please go here ( To request an absentee ballot, download this application ( and mail it to the Hamilton County Board of Elections.

So, I encourage you to vote on September 13th. I am personally recommending a vote for David Pepper for Mayor. More than any of his opponents, he understands we need change. David has a platform for reforming City Hall, ending the bickering at City Council, and bringing people together in order to get the job done. As Mayor, I believe David will make fighting crime top priority, and help Cincinnati achieve the great potential it has within it!

How can Pepper claim he'll end the bickering at city hall when he's been such a big part of the bickering?

I encourage a vote for Mallory the level-headed, consensus builder. Consensus building? That would be real change at city hall.

--Mikey D
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